How to Rank Your Nigerian Blog Higher on Google

Do you care to know how to rank your Nigerian blog higher on Google? Then let’s set the ball rolling.

Being on the First Page on Google Rocks

It’s no news that the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is where things happen! Yes or Yes?

If you are there, you know how it feels; you know the goodies that come with appearing on the first page for your target keywords.

To be on the first page on google most times is like catching a glimpse of heaven – the feelings are beyond magical!

No matter who you are or what you do online, you don’t want to be on the second page.

And as a popular saying has it, “The Second Page of Google is the best place to keep anything you don’t want people to find”.

How to Rank Your Nigerian Blog Higher to Make First Page on Google

  • 1. Geotarget Your Nigerian Blog

This tutorial works when you have google webmasters tools set up for your blog.

You need geotargeting when you want to target a specific country with your blog.

How Geotargeting Works

According to this guide on geotargeting, if your site has a neutral top-level domain (E.g. .com, .org or .net), geotargeting helps google to determine your site’s appearance in search results. If you are using or .ng, your site is already associated with the target: Nigeria.

When a site is geotargeted, it helps to improve the search results for its geographic queries.

With geotargeting, your blog will be able to compete better {and rank more} on the local level than international.

For instance, targeting Nigeria for an entertainment and news site will help your blog to perform better in Nigeria.

And it’s best used when your audience is more of your country than worldwide.

Before you set it to Nigeria, you make sure your target audience is in Nigeria.

Once you set it, it’ll rank better in Nigeria for your keywords and will rank in other countries also.

Here’s more: for example, I own and another Nigerian owns His site “might” rank more for (Love Messages) than mine in Nigeria since it’s already geotargeted unlike mine that’s not limited to a geolocation.

If his content is as great as mine, he will outrank me in Nigeria while My site will rank higher in the United States than His.

So if your blog will have enough searches from your target country, Google will rate it higher for the said country. It might still be higher for other countries as well, if the site is great in Google’s eyes.

I just created a sub folder on

It’s is targeting all the world but is targeting Nigeria.

You can have subfolders of your site targeting different countries. (Nigeria) (Ghana)

And so on.

So you want to “geotarget” your blog? Follow these easy steps.

You can’t Watch the Video? Follow the  guide below…

How to Geotarget a Site on Google Webmasters Tools

  1. Login to your Webmasters Tools
  2. Click on the Site You Want to Geotarget
  3. Look at the Left Tab and Click on Search Traffic
  4. Look Down and You’ll See International Targeting; Click on it.
  5. Once it Loads, Click on the Country Tab
  6. Click on the box before Target Users in:, then select the Country you want to target and click save.

That’s all.


  • 2. Write for Nigerians

Truth be told, writing your content with the right title tag and compelling meta description aren’t enough to have a post that can rank. One of the criteria of posts that rank well locally is the fact that they are targetted to a geographical location.

If you are to rank your blog posts higher, it’s wise to write the contents that Nigerians will be able to relate to; a content that has a substantial amount of monthly searches on Search Engines from Nigeria.

I am asking you to do that because a lot of metrics have to be in place before your blog can suddenly begin to outrank some contents on the first page.

First Things First

There’s no big deal in trying to write the contents that global visitors want to read, but it’s very advisable and a good SEO practice to target your visitors from your locality before you take it global.

How Do You Know the Contents to Write for Nigerians

Well, I am quite aware of how many entertainment sites are out there. I see many wannabe bloggers whose passions are tied to the entertainment niche.

If you’re on of them, you need to know that Entertainment contents aren’t evergreen. “Evergreen means, people don’t search for them online on a daily basis.


An Accident happened on a major road that killed 2 people. You heard the news and so decide to write about it. You have learned a lot about SEO and the Yoast Plugin is there to always score you very well whenever you write any post.

You wrote a post with the title, “Two People Lost their Lives to The Accident on Jaye Road on Tuesday“, got some traffic to your blog the same day and that extended to the next day.

As usual, the post stopped receiving traffic on the 3rd day and it was disappointing!

I bet you want to know why.

Even if you get some organic traffic fro the post on the same day, there is no guarantee that someone will go to search the same post on Google some few days after the accident had happened.

In the other way round, an Evergreen content will alway receive traffic because people search for them on a daily basis.

An example is “Love Messages” that has an average search volume of 300, 000 plus on a monthly basis. That means, for as long as people are still in love, there will be love messages.

If you will have to write for Nigerians, after you mus have Geotargeted your site to Nigeria, you need some SEO tools of which the easiest to get is the Google’s Keyword Planner.

By knowing what Nigerians search for, you can write contents that are tailored to that.


Any Questions or Clarifications? Kindly Use the Comment Box.



    1. Of course, is an example.

      The rule is, your post must outperform theirs:

      If we both write *How to Make Money Online* and my post is way better than the one with a locally targeted site, I will outrank them.

  1. I want to set my geotargetting to SA since 90% of my visitors are from there. If I do that hope I will still rank in other places?

    Hope it won’t affect my ranking and appearance in other countries like Nigeria and US?

    1. If you set it to South Africa, you’ll rank better there.

      But… The sites you were ahead of in other countries might outrank you: if your content is better than theirs, you can still outrank them.

      So if you want to focus on South Africa Audience forever, it’s a good thing to do.

      If you decide to change the geotargeting in the nearest future, it’ll affect your ranking.

    1. Well, you will need to have access to the Cpanel interface before you can do that.

      However, Blogspot users can’t create a sub-folder; that’s if you are on Blogspot.

      You can only do it when your site is under a paid hosting.

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