How to Start or Make a Blog Online – the Best Way

It’s no more news that every sane person who has heard how some bloggers make money online wants to have a blog of their own and, of course, make money like every other blogger does.

It’s much of fun when I hear people say they want to have their own blogs and I must confess, it’s not a surprise to see this happening… Even so, we shouldn’t be left appalled by the myriad of questions people ask about setting up a blog and making a fortune out of it.

The reason behind this sudden change of interest is not far-fetched: the world is changing as some people just watch others make it while they watch. And with no gainsay, there is no limitation to what one can do to make a living. If you want to earn a living online, there are just many ways, but blogging is one that is flexible and can give you visible results.

How it all started

Well, I have also chosen to be a blogger because I have found so many amusing stuff about it, especially the money-making part. In case you need to know my story as a blogger, here is it:

It all started in the year 2013, the month of December precisely when I set up my first blog.  Before this time, I was writing for my boss, and I was enjoying it until he advised me to create a blog for myself also. It sounded as of one those uninteresting discourse until he told me how much he was making from his website.

As for me, I just wanted to write and write not minding whether any monetary gain would come out of it. In fact, I was writing for him on a regular basis until he asked me to put up my own blog.

The realization that one can start a blog and make money out of it was all I needed to give blogging a shot! I started with few articles in December 2013, wrote few other ones again until I applied for AdSense, some two or three months later. As I expected, the application was approved after some weeks. On the 17th of April 2014, Google AdSense Ads began to show on my website. Yahoo!

I could still remember how I felt that very day. It was like I hit a jackpot or won a scholarship to study abroad. I could feel a sense of royalty energized my spine. To me, my money-making venture had just begun and very soon, I would begin to rake in hundreds of dollars like my boss was making from his website, or even more.

I won’t just forget how my acceptance into the AdSense program changed my thinking – I became dollar-conscious instantly. I wasted enough data watching the cents I was making to grow. One of those things, you would say!

Should I tell you how glad I was the first day I made a dollar? A thousand words wouldn’t explain it. I called my boss to relay the good news and he celebrated with me.

But the worse happened: I woke up the following day to see that the $1 had changed to $0.85. I was very displeased and I wished I hadn’t celebrated it.

Months went by, I began to make few dollars a day until I got my first pay in January 2015. $124, I still remember.

The story has changed today of course. Now I can sit back and say I want to create a career around blogging.

Isn’t something missing? Hmmm… Let me check… Oh, yeah! My Search Engine Optimization experience.

Here is all you need to know:

In case you are wondering if I started great as an SEO expert, the answer is a capital no! In fact, I was nothing close to the equator of search engine optimization practices. The funny part of it is, my writing ability did suck. Even though I could put up some interesting stories or blog posts, I had no idea of how to make any of them search engine friendly.

A secret: I once wrote a post I titled “Mtcheew” and I wanted to post it to rank. It was funny, believe me.

Regarding traffic, I was receiving an average of 70 daily visitors from Google (organic traffic) and it grew as I understood Search Engine optimization. Thanks to Oladimeji Josiah and every other SEO materials I read online.

Did I say the traffic grew? No! It only increased to something around a hundred plus and I got tired. I stopped writing new posts on the website and I set up the second one, The new blog began to give me a better result after few months and it’s as if my prayer was being answered. Well, I was wrong!

My frustration hit maxima that I went on to set up the third website, Within a short while, this new website became my worst nightmare, with everything I put into it. The traffic didn’t grow and this made me see a double dejection.

But, I didn’t give up. I began to read wide on Search Engine Optimization until I got a grasp of it.

I went ahead to create yet another website, After one or two months, I started seeing desirable results. To say the least, that was the beginning of my SEO expertise.

Yet, I didn’t stop there!

I was checking on domain names one particular day and I discovered was available. I quickly bought it and set it up. Invested all the time I could invest into it and it was really worth it. I removed all the contents on, uploaded them to and it was all good.

With the presence of, I have proven and proven that SEO works. There is more to say from this, and the time to hear it is here!

End of Story! Let’s get to work.

To be factual, I know you want to learn how to blog. Without mincing words, you want to make some money out of blogging even though you claim to be blogging for passion. Smiles.

If you do nurse the question of how to start a blog of your own online, make a name and, of course, some money out of it like some people do, you are not far from hitting a satisfactory answer on that.

I really did fail, but I learned quickly. My heart ached and I was ashamed of being called a writer (I wasn’t calling myself a blogger then). I knew I had all it would take to get me going in blogging, but the know-how was really missing.

I needed a proof that I am a writer and I eventually got that through my dogged perseverance. My months of sleepless nights did pay off and in the end, Search Engine Optimization was worth the time I put into it.

With my years of experience and knowledge altogether, I am set to take you through a definitive guide to creating a blog you will be proud to call yours. You will learn from my mistakes and my expertise and you will be glad you did.

Are you really ready? Then let’s go.

Why should you Blog?

I grew up with a lovely quote I need to quickly share with you and will like you to start living by it from this moment onward. Do you what to know what the quote is? It’s, “When the purpose of a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable.”

That isn’t strange at all. You and I hear it every day and it’s high time you started putting it into practice.

Obviously, you will quit on time when you don’t know why you need to blog. In fact, you will only see yourself adding to the numbers of figure-headed bloggers in the world in the world of blogging than being an authority in any niche of your choice.

Let’s face it… you want to blog because it can help you make some money. Yes or yes? I caught you!

But you need to hear this again…

Do you really want know how to start a Blog of your own?

Like I said earlier on about having the blog of your own, it’s much of a truth to admit that you really want to learn the art and act of blogging.

Paradoxically speaking, you haven’t made a mistake for conceiving the thought – a great thought at that!

Wait… If you have read anywhere online or have heard that blogging is one of those easy ventures, please stop reading this post. Just go back home and have a deep thought about the next venture to invest your time and money in.

Then, if you believe that making a blog is much of a rigorous task, you can continue reading this blog post.

So what’s next?

What do you need to start a Blog

If you don’t know by now, things don’t just happen out of luck. If that’s your school of thought, I will encourage you to slap yourself seven times, hit your head against the wall twenty-one times, dip the same head in a bowl of water for a minute and you will see how that crazy thought will jump out. I am serious about that; just that I won’t be accountable to anyone for any injury you would sustain.

That’s just a joke! No, I mean it! Well, stop believing that things just work better for some people than they do for some other ones.

Like we see in every brick and mortar businesses out there, starting a blog requires adequate tools without which you can ever smell success; the more successful you want to become, the more the tools you will have to engage.

I know you want to get to the pinnacle of blogging so I will help you by stating the following tools:

  1. You need a Blog or a Website
  2. You need the Knowledge of Keyword planner
  3. You need to know how to write
  4. You need Dedication, Perseverance, Passion and little of Common Sense

And next is…

Steps to making a Blog you will Love

By tomorrow morning (Monday 9th of November 2015), you will learn about niches and why you need to choose any. You will be opened to obstacles you need to expect and how to overcome them. You will also learn if you should choose a hosted blog or self-hosted blog for your next blog.

And many more….

Then later in the evening, we will start the training proper, using Keyword Planner!

Hey, don’t be Selfish! Share this with a friend… And like it’s required of you, drop a comment.

Mwah… Here we go again!

How to Start (Make) a Blog in 7 Steps

If you want to start a blog and be happy you did eventually, make sure you follow the following steps. The end result will be blogsome! (That is my blogging term for awesome).

Step One: Define the Purpose of the Blog

*What is your blog about?
*What are the measures to set to make it outstanding?
*What do I Intend to do with the Blog?

Step Two: Define Your Niche

*Explore your abilities to find your areas of strength.
*Know the Niche to Choose
*Enliven the passionate part of your being

Step Three: Define Your Audience

*Consider the Gender, Age, Location, Language and the Interest of your audience
*Decide on how you will get Traffic

Step Four: Decide Your Traffic Source

*Do you plan to get organic traffic, paid traffic or direct traffic from social presence?

Step Five: Get your hands on the required Tools

*Google Keyword Planner

*Semrush Keyword Research Tool

*A hosted or non-hosted blog or a website

Step Six: Take the Audacious Step with Search Engine Optimization

*It is time to make the Blog happen by engaging the use of Search Engine Optimization.

Step Seven: Set a Plan to Master the Blog

*Employ the use of the Google Webmaster Tools and the Google Analytics.

Now, Let’s Get to Work!

The Main Training

Stay calm as I walk you through the definitive guides below and you will be so happy you are part of this training.

Step One: Define the Purpose of the Blog

What is your Blog About?

Before you ever decide to set up a blog or choose the niche to blog on, it is very imperative to know the reason behind your sudden decision to owning a one. You need to sit yourself down and ask questions.

And let me remind you again: When the purpose of a thing is not known, its abuse is gallantly inevitable.

If you notice that I keep reiterating some words, it’s because I have failed in some decision-making processes of building a blog and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.

If you don’t know already, I will be glad to let you know that blogging can change your life for the better, even beyond your wildest imaginations.

If you are still limited to what blogging can do in your life, you need to read these:

With dedication and constant practice, blogging can bring a better personality out of you, help you improve your writing, make you a household name in the blogosphere, help build your business and, of course, give you some cool cash to brag with. Smiles.

Are the above reasons not enough to start a blog? Don’t fight it, the answer is yes!

Is your Blog a Personal Blog or a Business Blog?

Questions are not always too much for any life-changing venture, and blogging is one of such ventures. For you to have a first-hand knowledge about your blog or website, is pivotal to the self-satisfying returns you will get from it.

Whenever you need to start a blog, it is very crucial to know what exactly you would want the blog/website to give to you.

If you are setting up a business website or blog, professionalism shouldn’t be bargained even if you will not do much of that when you are building a personal blog.

Unlike a business blog, a personal blog must have your signature on it. Your users must find it easy to relate with you. In fact, you must plan to build a working relationship with our audience. They are your online family!

Another significant factor to consider is whether or not you will be selling the blog or website in the end. If you will ever think of selling the blog, the buyer must see that your source of traffic is continuous. The best is to have a trackable source of traffic, especially the organic traffic. Without a stable source of traffic, your blog is worthless to buyers.

If only you don’t know, is worth thousands of dollars (I won’t tell you the exact amount) if I decide to sell it any moment from now. I am selling it off very soon, though.

Now answer the next question:

What do I intend to do with the Blog?

Ordinarily, you don’t need to be told before you state all that your blog should do. You need to ask the questions like, “Am I setting up this blog to just make money or add more value to the users as I make some money from it?

You know why you need to ask the question above? It’s to help you determine the techniques and tactics you need to put in place as you begin the blogging venture.

If you only want to make money, you can engage in many shady acts to see the money rolling in. In the other hand, if you will ever consider the option of adding more values to the users, you must do the all the best possible user experience practices.

What are the measures to set to make it outstanding?

It is good to add visible values to the users of your blog but more prestigious when you can sit down to map out a plan on how to bring something new into your niche. The long-term gain of being distinctive is more than what your sensual organs put together can grasp.

If you ever want to consider making a living out of blogging, consider making your blog stand out!

Step Two: Define Your Niche

Explore your abilities to find your areas of strength

Hello, can we talk about you?

When you look at yourself in the mirror what sort of image do you see? Do you see a mere living soul with an embodiment of timidity and despondency or a great mind with the unrepentant decision to take up the challenge to win in life?

Whichever way you see yourself, it’s sacrosanct to see yourself as the best personality the world can ever produce. Stop doubting that! I mean it, stop! You are more than you could ever think or imagine. You are born with enough sparks of excellence, no matter what the society you live in has molded you into.

You really need to open up the mind of your understanding and have a grasp of your future regardless of how you see yourself today. You just must look inwardly and fashion out a man or woman you can ever envision. Don’t wait on that – do it now!

But, let me shock you: one of the main explorations you need to make regarding blogging is the ability to write the simplest of posts. When you develop yourself to be a writer, you will have limitless possibilities to fit into any niche.

Undoubtedly, no matter how great a writer you are, you need some levels of professionalism to succeed in some niches. For example, you can’t easily grow a health and fitness blog without a worthy knowledge in the health field.

Unequivocally speaking, if there are some inhibitions stopping you from making a sensible boast of being a great blogger, many of them are rooted in your inability to structure a post.

Don’t panic yet, you will learn everything about writing a blog post if you will follow this training to the end. Hey, try to smile a little!

Know the Niche to Choose

Wait, don’t mind what I have said above concerning inhibitions in blogging. As an upcoming or a newbie blogger, you really need to sit down and think about a niche to choose but should not necessarily be the entertainment.

I understand the quick assumptions that it gives more traffic, especially when you use some bizarre approaches.

Well, every blog is profitable as long as you know how to get your users to pay you. However, choosing a blog solely because of its acclaimed profitability is tantamount to holding a live wire – you will definitely get harmed.

But let me show you the other side of the coin:

It’s very defeating to see almost all the upcoming bloggers planning to start a niche on entertainment. Well, I am not surprised that they keep on rising and falling.

Here is something funnier: I see the upcoming bloggers trying to learn Search Engine Optimization to rank in the entertainment niche. Let me tell you categorically that there is really no stable niche around entertainment, and that’s largely the reason why entertainment blogs can hardly get organic traffic.

Let me explain that: organic traffic is centered on information that doesn’t change over time. For example, “How to Blog”, How to write a Blog post”, “How to start a Blog”, “How to Cook”, and “How to drive a car” are questions people will keep on asking as the World Wide Web exists. This is simply because, people need help in getting things done these days.

Conversely, nobody wants to search for the accident that happened five years ago along Lagos-Ibadan expressway as they would search for how to blog any season of the year. The news and entertainment updates are one of the information that don’t have a life in them. The moment people read about stuff like that, they forget about it and look forward to hearing the next news.

What Type of Niche should you Blog About?

It is understandable enough that every blog is built around a niche (or more). Your blog shouldn’t deviate from this truth.

You need to think deeply when considering a niche to focus on and, obviously, there are quite some numbers if niches you can build a blog or site around. Below are some of them:

Political blogs, health blogs, travel blogs, gardening blogs, house blogs, book blogs, fashion blogs, quizzing blogs, legal blogs, vegetarian blogs, romance and relationship blogs, marketing blogs, religion blogs, photography blogs, beauty blogs, project blogs, education blogs, niche blogs, classical music blogs and writing blogs. Oh, let me add the entertainment blogs.

Looking at the list above, one can make a quick inference that many of the newbie bloggers don’t know most of these available niches, thereby struggling to know the particular one to focus on.

The good news is that you can really succeed when you decide to choose a niche you can easily write little posts on.

A warning, though… Never choose any niche because everyone is building a blog around it. Choose a blog you can be proud to call yours in the nearest future.

How Should I Know the Niche to Choose?

Yes! Here is where the problem lies. Many bloggers struggle in the bid to choose a niche to focus on. You don’t have to be one of them since I will help you here, and now.

The best and most advisable way through which you can choose a niche to focus on is to explore your hobbies. More often than not, your ability to succeed in a chosen niche is directly proportional to your interest in the topic on which the niche is based.

As an advice, I will employ you to start a blog about a niche you are passionate about. It’s much of fun when you do that because it will soon be something you just want to tell people about and you can feel the joy all along. Blogging is not to be endured but to be enjoyed

If you love cooking, you should have a blog around cooking. If you love sports, you should start a blog around the “Sport niche”. If you love technology, you should probably start a blog around it and if you love romance, you should probably start a blog on it.

Truthfully, blogging around your interest increases your ability to succeed and gives you the doggedness you need to keep going without thinking of calling it quits, even if you are not getting returns as soon as expected.

To tell you more, it’s so self-fulfilling to see yourself doing what you do on a daily basis and also teach your friends and loved ones the same.

If you will ever need to start a blog, make sure it’s such you are passionate about.

Enliven the passionate part of your being

It’s not bad even if you are hearing the word passion for the first time. You need to know and learn on time that passion is a major virtue you need to embrace to be successful in the blogosphere. You also need enough perseverance and dedication to get the best out of your blogging adventure.

Don’t let me forget the word “Focus” without which you can ever smell progress in your blogging venture. When you are not focused, your attention to give your best to your blog wanes off before the call of Jack Robinson and you could quickly make a foolish decision to abandon a blog that could earn your millions in the nearest future.

Life is indeed an abode of adventures wherein the brave hearts are favoured. – Olalekan Adebumiti.

With enough doses of passion, dedication, and perseverance there is no height you cannot reach in blogging. Say, Yea…!

Step Three: Define Your Audience

Consider the Gender, Age, Location, Language and the Interest of your audience

So, who are you targeting once you set up your blog? The teenagers, the youths or the adults?

It is very important that your blog posts perfectly address the age range of the audience you are targeting. Of course, you shouldn’t plan to write about the college when you are actually targeting the adult and neither should you write largely about the marital topics when you are targeting the youth.

If you will ever write any blog post that is not centred on the age bracket of your audience, it must be relational.

Are you targeting users from your local country or a specific country?

If you are a Nigerian planning to have the bulk of your visitors from the United States, you need to learn at little of their communication skills. Every visitor would love a blog or website that writes personally to them. You need to know about their culture, time zone, and general ways of life.

Is your blog gender-centric: are you targeting only the male folks or the female folks?

If you will dream of starting a gender-centric blog or website, know that it’s a key to limiting the traffic of the blog. More so, you should know it will be silly when you are writing to the male folks with the undertone of the female folks. Your blog will just take off, go high a bit and crash-land. That’s all.

You need to learn how to communicate very well with any gender you are focusing on. And if you are writing for both of the genders, you need to be dynamic. Every single person, either a male or a female must be directly connected to your blog posts as though it’s personally written for them.

What are the Interests of your Visitors?

As long as you will consider setting up a search engine optimized blog, especially the one that is location or gender based, you need to know what will interest your prospective visitors the most.

The above knowledge becomes more attainable when you know how to master the use of the Keyword Planner, or any other keyword research tools.

For example, if I am to write an English website for the Indians on love messages, I know they search for more of “love sms” than “love messages.”

When you know what interest your visitors, the chances are that you will write lovely posts that are tailored to their interests and you will see the reward through the engagements.

Staying on the social media can also help you to know more about their interests. You can join groups and follow pages that many of them are part of and you will begin to be opened to what to write on, on a timely basis.

You can also key into latest happenings around the world, like politics, to write a short-term interest-based blog posts.

What language are you going to be writing your blog posts on? Is it English, Hindi, German, Latin, Spanish, Mandarin or Greek?

This is the hardest part. Yes, it is.

I just started a blog for the Indians. Isn’t it lovely? But I must confess, it’s hard! Learning to speak and write in their native language is very demanding but it’s worth it.

Namaste? Namaste is widely used when you need to greet anyone Good morning, Good afternoon or Good night, in India.

What’s the benefit? If you can get a translator to help in the translation, you can make an exact copy of your whole website in any other language and you won’t be penalized by “Uncle Brother Google.”

Consider setting up a blog in Greek today. Smiles.

Step Four: Decide Your Traffic Source

Do you plan to get organic traffic, paid traffic or direct traffic from social presence? Do you have a social presence or you are depending solely on Organic traffic?

If I won’t deceive you, I will like to tell you that the growth of your blog is limited without a social presence. If you look at every successful blogger out there, their social presences are outstanding. An example is Linda Ikeji.

Did you know Linda Ikeji’s blog doesn’t get much of organic traffic? In fact, an average blogger has organic traffic than her blog has. That notwithstanding, she has hundreds of thousands page views per day.

Do you really want to succeed in blogging? If yes, start building a social presence.

In case you need more understanding of that, I will be glad to tell you that your blog can have millions of visitors per month without any worthy search engine presence.

After some years of blogging, you will understand this: organic traffic is good but social traffic as a result of social presence, is better.

Do you need to know how to get social? You can start a group on Facebook that is in line with your niche and make sure you share mouth-watery information from time to time, without an option of calling it quits.

What about a paid Traffic?

I have been there! I have boosted enough posts on Facebook without returns. It’s painful after all.

By SEMrush’s calculation, I would have spent over a million naira in paid traffic had I chosen to use the option for the traffic I have gotten on so far.

See the picture below.

Step Five: Get your hands on the required Tools

Making the best use of blogging tools hasn’t been easier. You need the right tool to make it happen.

Before we continue, I will love to share a story from one of my books – The Pure Gold – with you.

A man who just learned the act of fishing was to go on his virgin expedition one morning. Having not learned the process, and to save himself the stress of not having adequate equipment, he took with him, alongside his newly bought fisherman’s net, a hoe, a cutlass and a club.

As fate would have it, he made a great catch and then he was to make his journey back home. With the basketful of fishes caught, she held the hoe on one shoulder, the cutlass on one hand and the club on the other hand as he made his journey back home.

He moved a few steps and asked, ‘Who am I?’ and he answered himself, ‘A fisherman of course!’ ‘What then am I doing with a club, a hoe, and a cutlass?’ He dropped them all and said, ‘What difference does it make since I never used them?’ and, without a second thought made his journey back home. For the first time, his identity dawned on him.

What the fisherman did is called self-discovery. It comes when you leave everything whose service you would not need in the journey of life behind, and you cling solely to what will give you your heart desires.

Self-discovery is done when you unleash the potentials in you; when you know whom you are to be rather than what the world has known you for.

The above is pivotal to making a decision on the blogging tools to choose. Ideally, the success of your blogging venture starts the moment you have a clear-cut understanding of the tools you need to use.

To set up a blog, you need tools apart from the blog development or design.

To make it easy for you, let us start with the knowledge of Google Keyword Planner to know the main keywords your blog will focus on for the purpose of ranking in the search engine result pages. This is best done before you even put up the blog. When you know the main keywords to target, you can write your first posts around them before laying your hands on other related keywords.

I think I have started a parable here. I have to make this more explanatory for you to understand.

First of all, what is a Keyword?

A keyword is any combination of words you type on any search engine to get a result. “What is Search Engine Optimization?”, “What is Blogging?”, “How can I get Traffic to my Blog?” are all keywords. When you type them into the search engine box, they are called “search terms” or “search queries”.

I just pray you understand that.

As a newbie blogger, it is much okay when you can build a blog around a keyword like I have built and

To help you around that, I will have to tell you about exact match domains, popularly known as EMD.

Exact Match Domains are domains that have “search terms” in them. For example, is an exact match domain formed from the search term “Sweet Love Messages”. The keyword, Sweet Love Messages is searched over 6,000 times in a month.

The beauty of this type of domain is the fact that they can help easy ranking and better click-through rate for the search terms present in them. But, you need to make sure you write well-structured and search engine optimized posts to rank those keywords unlike before.

Even if the glory in this type of domain is seemingly decreasing on a daily basis, the potential they have to rank in the SERPs is not fading off anytime soon. Let me just say it won’t fade out.

I want you to know that you are not under any obligation to choose an exact match domain though it can help your ranking like I have said. You also need to know that any domain can rank as long as you can give it the shot – as long as you can write enough post to help that.

In case you are planning to have an exact match domain blog, here is how to choose a keyword:

Steps to Choosing an Exact Match Domain

1st Step: Know the keywords people search for through Google Keyword Planner.

2nd Step: Filter them out to see the ones that are of low competition.

3rd Step: Type in the selected keywords into Google Search Engine to see the sites ranking for them.

4th Step: Select the particular keyword you think you can rank for, provided that it has not been bought.

Does that Sound Technical? Don’t worry. I will put you through in the next class as we discuss…

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner

With Google Keyword planner, you will be opened to the world of keyword research that is matchless. And with my help, you will understand the importance of this can’t-do-without keyword research tool. Just a few hours from now… Did you just say you can’t wait? Common, you have to wait!

How to Spy on your competitors using SEMRUSH

Believe me, there are many keyword tools out there to use for keyword research, but I have found SEMrush as my favourite.

With Semrush, you can really spy on your competitor to know the keywords they are ranking for and go against them all. Even though you will enjoy the full service when you go for the premium membership, I can still take you through how you can use the tool and see desirable results in no time. (We will talk about this in the next class).

Now, which way forward? See the next step…

Step Six: Take the Audacious Step with Search Engine Optimization

It is time to make the Blog happen

The prime joy of every blogger is to set up a blog that visitors will be glad they read a piece of information on. By the time your blog is fully set up with loads of lovely and informative blog posts, your joy would know no bounds.

From the Class, you will learn:

*The Importance of keywords in blog posts and how to use them tactically without being penalized by Google, leveraging on Search Engine Optimization.

* How to write every part of the content from the title to the introduction and to the main post, through to the conclusion.

In the end, you will begin to write a blog post that visitors want to read and share, guaranteed.

If that sounds mind-blowing, allow me to help you make it happen.

Once we are through with the Keyword Planner tomorrow, I will take you through the step-by-step guide to making the best of posts (on Thursday). The class will take some days anyways. After all said and done, you will be proud to write your next search engine optimized post. Aren’t you optimistic enough? Well, it’s worth the wait.

Thanks for your time…

Note: The training is getting more interesting as far as I am concerned. The concept of blogging is becoming clearer as it stands. But I need your help… Like I said at the beginning of this training, you need to help me by helping yourself: is there is any part of this training you don’t understand, make sure you use the comment box to state them out. Moreover, if you think there should be any addition or subtraction, kindly let me know. Thanks.

Before you go… Here is a little but compulsory exercise you need to do:

  1. State why you have chosen the niche you are in.
  2. Give some outstanding features you are adding to your blog to make it stand out in the blogosphere.
  3. State your Challenges so far in blogging.

Warning, don’t do copy and paste of any comment. That’s not a threat anyways… it’s a plea.

Here is mine…

  1. Why I have chosen my niche:

I have chosen the relationship and romance niche because it’s such a niche I am confident that I can thrive in, coupled with the fact that I am a relationship coach.

  1. Outstanding Feature:

I am writing books that haven’t been written before as far as love, romance and relationship are concerned.

  1. My Challenges so far:

My traffic and earnings haven’t been commensurate with the amount of zeal and energy I have put into blogging so far.

Step Seven: Learn the Act of Blog Mastery

Employ the use of the Google Webmaster Tools and the Google Analytics

Once you know how to write a lovely post, and your blog is well-set, you need to learn how to use the webmaster tools and the google analytics to grow and sustain the relevance, dominance, and the visibility of your blog. (We will get there.)

See you tomorrow. Stay bloggingfied!

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