How to Craft the Best Lead in for Your Blog Post Test

This is to test your knowledge of Introduction and Lead in.

So you’re writing 3 different introduction plus lead in for the title below.

Title: Why It’s Difficult to Be Wealthy Before Age 30.

Note: don’t fear failure!

I will guide you through.


  1. Introduction 1:

    Getting richer before the age of thirty is every young folks dream, at least from this part of the country.

    They want to be wealthy and live their dreams out before they are old.

    Lead in:

    I bet you really want to know why it’s not so funny but it’s so hard to be wealthy before you clock 30.

    Follow me closely and you would be happy that you did.

    Introduction 2:

    It’s an uttermost desire of every young people to get richer than their parents, and most especially at their youthful age.

    They want to wear flashy designer clothes and shoes; use the latest gadgets and ride the latest cars in town.

    But reverse is the case for young people around the planet where I’m from.

    Lead in:

    Why not join me on the ride to see why it’s really hard for young folks of our generation to be wealthy before age 30.

    So… follow me bumper to bumper and I will reveal to you all that you need to know.

    Introduction 3:

    Why can’t I be so wealthy than Alico Dangote or Mike Adenuga before I clock 30?

    Must I really be that old like them before I can actually be wealthy?

    Isn’t that a bad idea getting wealthy at such their age? How would I enjoy myself and all my riches at such age?

    Lead in:

    It’s not a coincidence that you’re here right now. You want to know why it’s so difficult to be wealthy before age 30. Yes or Yes?

    You’re right where you were meant to be… Here!

    Take a closer walk with me down the hallway of life, as I unfold to you street by street why it’s very challenging to be wealthy before clocking 30.

  2. why, why, why is it difficult to be wealthy before the age of 30? many may ask.
    well, it will interest you to note that, is just a hypothesis as you read 4ways to be wealthy before the age of 30.

    have you been wondering why it is difficult to be wealthy before age 30 ? wonder no more.
    relax as I take you through the shocking revelations that will blow your mind.

    the slogan that is common with the youth has always been that why is it difficult to be wealthy before age 30 when they equally work hard?

    here are 3facts that proves that perception wrong…

  3. age 30 is the most dreaded age everyone want to achieve almost in all things before it got to the clock. Now, why is it difficult for most people to achieve the wealth they have ap set their mind on achieving before the age? sit down and pay a close attention as these reasons are analyzed below.

    I doubt it if you are also not struggling with this thought, yea, the thought of why it so difficult to get wealthy before age 30, wow! you say, because I seem to be reading your mind, right?, life happens. let’s talk about this difficulties below.

    it’s easy to wake up and plan towards making it big before a certain age, age 30 is the age many set goals towards, when you meet Mr A, he will tell you why he must finish school before this age and host of others but do you know there are certain unavoidable unforseen difficulties one encounters before this age. have been able to outline these difficulties below.

  4. I have been a tutor for a while, and have been with many youths, have taught different skills and have seen mny students fail and succeed through my teachings.

    In the next few minutes I am going to share with you some of the reasons why its hard to get wealthy before age 30, why most people tend to not break out before they approach 30

    Now before I go further , this isn’t just any blog post, that wants to draw users, this is me trying to share some of the things I have noticed and possibly tell you so you can avoid them.

    So follow me down as I share below a few things you’re doing that might make it hard doe you to be wealthy before age 30

  5. “Oh! I wish I was wealthy like Dangote!” The frustrated man lamented. He has been doing the same business for a very long time; but there seems to be no improvement.
    Baba Kudi, as popularly called is over 40years but he looks much older than his actual age. He’s been hustling for long.
    The song he sings everyday is “Oh, I wish I was wealthy like Dangote”. Isn’t that the song everyone seems to be singing? Well, the lyrics might be different but still carries the same message- money! wealth!

    2…Everyone wants to be wealthy at an early age in life. You hear students making plans ahead; even before graduating. Plans like buying car(s), buidling house(s) before reaching the age of 30. But often times it does work out like they planned. Most people end up not being able to even buy a car at the age of 30.

    3…” Guys dey hustle” an average Nigerian-youth would tell you that! Everyone seems to be in this school of hustling and no one seems to be graduating. Ha! Na which kind school be that na? Shey na OAU ni? Why e slow like that?
    Are you also in that school of hustling? How long have you been there? Don’t you wish to graduate? Wait, have you given up on your dreams already? Oh no! Don’t! There are ways out! That dream car(s) and house(s) of yours and that America you want to be going and coming like you’re taking a stroll is very feasible! You’ll be very surprised.
    There are some pitfalls to avoid so that your dream of being wealthy before 30 won’t be shattered. But, hey! Hang on. I’ll be back.

  6. The general perception of many is that, now can’t be wealthy before the age of 30, things appear difficult when we fail to take risks.
    Wealth is well-being and possessing valuables in abundance, so one may ask why is this difficult?
    Relax, here are the top 3 reasons why it is difficult to be wealthy before age 30..

    Procrastination: you keep postponing and delaying things, thinking you are still young to acquire wealth, whiles ur colleagues are hustling you are waiting for the last hour.

    Fear of taking risks: when you keep thoughts such as I may fail, what if it doesn’t work? Then you can hardly make it before the age of 30.

    Failure to invest in yourself: You are the best resource to accumulate wealth. If you fail to invest your time education, refining ur skills and meeting new people who might help you achieve your goals, it will be impossible to become wealthy before age 30.

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