How to Write a Blog Post that Visitors Want to Read & Share

Without doubt, the dream of every blogger is to write a blog post, hit the publish button and smile on, knowing thousands of readers would rush in and be eager to share on social media. Isn’t that your desire? Well, you are not far from hitting a jackpot on this.

As a blogger, no matter what your niche is, “content writing is still king.” I know you wouldn’t agree less. Writing a blog post could be very demanding, but the result calls for jubilation.

A well-written post is a delight to every visitor, and to search engine crawlers as well. The better you are at giving out the best, the more your chances of staying ahead in your niche.

So, do you wish to write the post that people would love to read and share? That’s a great answer. “Just for you to know, this post took me around 12 hours to complete.” That’s the truth. And I wish you are faster than me.

Hear this: before you can dream of writing a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) post, you must have clear-cut understanding of writing a simple blog post. It’s after you must have learnt how to write a well-structured post that you can now plan to implement SEO.

The aim of the post you are about to read is to help you develop a “writer’s instinct” to help in writing your posts. The template I will be using here is transferable and sure digestible for the simplest of hearts.

I will be using what I call “The Baker’s Technique.”


Sometimes ago, I offered to help a friend mix part of the ingredients that make up a cake, as the foundation for baking one. She gave me some sugar and margarine then instructed me to mix them up. I was “warned” to make sure I chose a particular direction of turning my hand which would be kept till the mixture would be fluffy and bla bla… Why? “If you decide to turn it the other way round at any point in time, regardless of how many minutes into it you have been, it would just be a wasted effort,” she said.

What a task, you’ll say!

After few minutes into it, while I was expecting her to make me stop, she looked at me and said, “You are just starting!” I had to mix just margarine and sugar for good thirty minutes! Can you imagine that?

I couldn’t wait to see the remaining steps as I just had to go home. Wouldn’t want to try that again.

Anyways, there are electric mixers these days to help.

The next time I bake a cake and I decide not to give you – I mean you, just remember this adage:

“If a hunter considers the struggle, stress and pain in hunting games, he’ll eat them all alone.”

Sometimes in life, it’s too much of a fact for us to admit that the secret to fulfillment is continuity. And that the best of success doesn’t come on a platter of wishful thinking. The more you try – and by doing the right thing of course – the faster you are at hitting success.

If you want to succeed as a blogger, there is no shortcut: you just have to build your blogging life around being successful. You have to hinge on enough perseverance and be aligned with impeccable focus. Do this and you will hit success sooner than your critics think.

But why do many people struggle to hit success in blogging?

It’s often said, and of course true, that when the purpose of a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable. So, allow me to ask you this: Why should you blog? To help with that answer, read this post.

Ideally, the more definiteness you give to purpose, the clearer your goals and aim. When you know why you have to blog right, you just must find the way to blog right. And you sure wouldn’t want to settle for the less.

Relieved? Let’s move on.

Back to the Baker’s Technique.

If you are a fan of cakes, you would agree with me that the worst way to choose the best of cake is to judge by the filling. Thousands have been deceived by this, and the deception will ever continue. Smiles.

But here is the turning point.

If people discover that your cake is not good as they eat it, what do you think will happen? Bad market! Yes, you will lose potential customers! And that could cost you more than enough that you didn’t bargain for.

Then, the same goes for every blog post!

Let’s bring in the anatomy of a well-written (or poorly-written) post.

Baker's Technique

The picture has spoken it all, right? Indeed.

You can actually deceive visitors with headlines on social media and laugh along as they fall victim of your poorly-written post. But… your share buttons and comment box are waiting to suffer for it.

And if only you don’t know, that might be the last time such visitor visits your blog (or website). I know your intention was to make money through Google AdSense and you sure have achieved that for the day.

Wait, how do you build trust? How do you build followers? How on earth would you be reckoned with as a leading blogger? I wish that would be your daily desire because, it’s ever mine.

Let’s take a break.

If you want to keep on playing on the intelligence of your visitors, you can stop here and leave this blog.
I think that is clear enough. No, please don’t leave! That was just a joke. I want you to really learn how to do it right.

Ready? Let’s go there!

In the following steps, I will be sharing with you how to develop a consistent writing skill that will help your blogging career. This is because, there is no true success in “copy and paste” all the time without few posts to call your own.

And I know you sure would have loved to be writing on your own if you really know how to go about it.

Stop the sigh, you will learn in a jiffy!

Are you still there? Good. Let’s roll.


Like for every cake or food, there are guides and principles to follow in writing if you really want to get the best. The seller of every blog post is the headline and the introduction: the more professionally-written they are, the greater the chances of getting them read and being shared on social media.

To help you with this, let’s take an essay writing.

Let’s write this:

3 ways to make visitors fall in love with your blog post”

More often than not, once you get the title (or headline) of your post right, you are not far from putting up a lovely post.

Ordinarily, your headline must be catchy – remember the filling on the cake. It must be good enough to invite visitors to your blog. You remember all those “OMG! See what this lady is doing with her… whatever! You won’t believe this!” posts?

That’s catchy enough right? And so simple that you can write hundreds of it in a couple of minutes. But when it comes to real blogging, choosing the best of title is enough to give headache.

Many bloggers have testified to the fact that it takes a lot of “digging deep” to get the best of titles. However, the more you practice the act of writing, the easier is it for you to get post titles right.

Don’t stress yourself too much. We will cover it all in a moment.

Knowing that there can’t be a good title without first having the concept of the blog post in mind, it’s imperative to have a grasp of what you want to write on before you can coin out a good headline.

This always comes by answering these questions:


Knowing the type of post to write is key to getting the best post titles. It helps your writing skills when you have a firsthand knowledge about the type of post you are to write. It’s the same way a baker would ask, “What kind of cake am I making? Butter Cake or Sponge Cake?

To bring that into blogging, even though there are many types of posts, I would like to limit this tutorial to 3 major types of posts. These are:

1. LISTS posts

This always include numbers and according to research, the most shared kind of posts, and better if the number is an odd one. They would always carry a tone like “X Ways…” X things…., Top X things…

5 Ways to make your next Blog Post more Shareable; 5 stupid mistakes most bloggers still make; Top 7 ways to make you Blog stand out; 3 New ways you can turn your first-time visitors into subscribers; 10 Reasons every bloggers should make 6 figures in a month

2. HOW TO’S posts

No matter who you are, you are not an island of knowledge. And with the effect of technology on everything daily, you just must get to a point where previous knowledge wouldn’t help; that’s when you run to Google and search “How to…”

It left me wondering the other day when I saw that thousands of people search for “How to bath” on monthly basis. I just don’t want to believe that they don’t really know how to bath; or maybe they would love to know if a particular order should be followed.

In short, this type of post is more of inquisition. It is more of guides and steps. E.g. How to write better as a Blogger; How to make your content more appealing; How to write faster; How to make more money blogging… And the list goes on.

3. WHY posts

This is more of comparison. And used well in reviews. They always come in these forms: Why you should do something; why this is better than that; X ways this is better than that; Why you have to choose this over that.

Examples: Why WordPress is better than Drupal for blogging; Why You should hate your Blog if you are not making money from it; Why you should consider using WordPress native Comment system to Facebook’s… And the list goes on.

Each of the types of posts above could give you enough visitors that really would love to read and share your contents if you know how to maximize their usage. And the reason behind your choice of any of them is hinged on the idea surrounding the post you want to write.

If you want to make comparison, “Why post” is the answer, while “How To’s” is to be used when you want to write on a tutorial that wouldn’t be better done using “Lists Posts,” such that needs to follow a particular order, as “List Posts” itself is to be used when you need to follow a tutorial that doesn’t necessary need to follow a particular order.

Let’s use the example, “How to Bake a Cake.” You and I know that a particular order is to be followed here: from mixing the margarine and sugar like I mentioned above, to beating the eggs and the rest.

Let’s consider, “How to grow your Blog”. Since there are many ways through which a blog can be grown and each can actually come in at any given time, “Lists Posts” is better used. E.g. 7 News ways to grow your Blog in 2015.

Here, we have chosen a list post: 3 Ways to Make Visitors fall in Love with your blog post. We have chosen this because the points do not need to follow a sequential order.

Is that good enough? Let’s see.

What if we put it this way: 3 Ways to make Visitors Share and Comment on your blog post.

That sounds more real and SEO friendly because, people could search for “Share and Comment” as part of keywords unlike “fall in love.”

But, what is an SEO friendly title of post? It’s such that people can search on Google or other search engines.

Need help on that? Read this post.

But our new title is:

3 Ways to have more Shares and Comments on your blog posts.

I have chosen that title because one might have few comments and shares and would love to have more. And anyone not having any shares and comments would be seeing the post as “3 Ways to have Shares and Comments on your blog posts.” That’s without the “more.” Good? Good!

Next is to craft a lovely introduction.

Remember the filling on that cake? Your introduction should do same. The best of introductions are born of curiosity. They make you just want to continue reading the post. They are so promising.

The loveliest of introductions can be crafted by having a deep understanding of the title or headline. Introductions ask questions, make comparison or tap into the histories of each of the major words in the headline.

See the picture below. You can click on it to make it clearer.

how to craft introduction from a title

Note: At the end of this post, I would like you to tell me the introduction you would love most out of the ones I have written and why. Thanks.

Introduction can come from any of the points in the picture above. So, for the post we are trying to write, let’s have few introductions by adopting some of the labelled points in the picture above.

Introduction 1:

Label A: Make a boast, if what you want to write on works for you

Comments and shares work wonders in building your blog to last. And if you look around, it’s what works for me and I am eager to freely share the secrets behind my ceaseless inflow of visitors.

Apart from getting organic traffic, referral traffic could boost your blog’s trust in no time if only you know how to use it to your advantage.

Ready for the treat? Follow me as I show you what works.

Introduction 2:

Label B: Introduce a word in-between. E.g. “Visitors.” It aids curiosity

What if you really begin to have more visitors share your posts on social media and even drop lovely comments? I know you see this around and has been one of the greatest desire of your heart. Without that, you and I know it’s a way to help your blog grow and then the need to find a way around it.

Do you want to get enviable result with your blog? This post is all you need to read to perpetuate the inflow of visitors into your blog – visitors that just want to share and comment on your blog posts.

Introduction 3:

Label C: Talk about the age of their blog relative to impact and engagement

When it comes to having more shares and comments on a blog, you and I know that domain age is not a factor. To build a lasting engagement, you have to make sure you are doing what others are doing to get results.

I know it’s your desire to have enviable engagement on your blog posts and the last time I checked, it’s one of the least stuff to do on a blog. Curious? You only need to read on and you will soon hit the ceaseless flow.

Introduction 4:

Label D: Use other derivatives of “Blog” E.g. Blogger, Blogging, and Blogosphere…

As a blogger, you build your blogs for visitors and not bots or robots. Isn’t it wonderful after all, when they just want to read all of your blog posts as they leave lovely comments and then hit the share buttons? I know your answer is yes and that’s the reason I have written the guides that will help you keep your visitors dancing to your tune.

You would love to see that happen? Then read on.

Introduction 5:

Label E: Add a time frame like “In three weeks” People love that!

What if I show you how to be having more shares and comments on the worst of your blog posts in three weeks? What if I tell you how you can build rapturous engagements around your blog posts within 2 weeks? And what if I tell you I can help you achieve these within a week? If you see it as an offer worth giving a try, that’s wisdom. So, let’s get it started.

Introduction 6:

Label F: Mention other ways/tips/guides that are available, and why you said just 3.

Isn’t it praiseworthy when you know just a way by which your blog posts would garner more comments and social shares? Of course there are many ways to make “visitors” want to “fall in love” with your blog post and set to come back for more. These 3 ways I have put together are those I have seen as the best, and sure have tried. Sit back and enjoy them.

Introduction 7:

Label G: Ask: Do you want more or you are okay? “Everybody wants more”

How about having more likes, more shares and more comments on your blog posts, even if they have been written some decades ago? How about making the blog posts that seem outdated come back to life again? What if that extra you seek can come in ways you never thought? And what if I tell you it costs nothing?

Salivating to know the secret? Just read on and you will be amazed.

Introduction 8:

Label H: Mention How Shares and Comments do affect a blog

You and I know that the joy of every blogger/writer is to have more and more returning visitors to read their blog posts no matter how poorly-written they are. The feeling is just like winning a jackpot especially when your instincts makes you know that you don’t really deserve it. Worthy or not, don’t you want to have that thrilling moment? And what if I tell you that blog comments and shares are all you need? Well, you are not far from it once you can read the 3 easy guides I have below.

Introduction 9:

Label H: Mention How Shares and Comments do affect a blog

How do you feel when you just posted one of your worst blog posts and discovered it has more shares and comments than the previous ones? I know the best word to describe that feeling is not in the best of dictionaries. You just want to let a bit of ego energize your spine.

The last time I checked, it’s what Comments and shares can readily give.

If you want to have such experience, it’s so easy with the steps I am going to show you in this post.

Introduction 10:

Label I: Say: there could be any other means of getting same result, but why Shares and Comments?

You don’t have to beat the best to be the best in real life; when you know your way, you will meet your target in no time. This is true in the blogosphere also: you don’t have to follow a long walk to “visitors’ inflow.” Even if there are a thousand and one ways, what you need do is simple and I have made it into these seven guides. Follow me on this and you won’t regret it.

Introduction 11:

Label J: Compare their blog with other blogs

What if you have your blog as one of the “most popular” blogs in your niche? What if visitors really love it? Of course, you are going to feel on top of the world and that is sure the beginning of your blogging success cum career.

If you would love that, here are the 3 steps that will really help you to achieve that in a short while.

Introduction 12:

Label J: Compare their blog with other blogs

If you wouldn’t want to fall for deception, you sure know that there are many blogs out there that gives more than what your blog gives its visitors. If you don’t know, many bloggers are willing to spend more money to do more. Curiosity even hits you when you see a blog that seems to not measure up to the standard, quality and quantity that your blog has, but raking in unique visitors.

How would you feel if this happens to you? Bad of course?

But I have a deal. I want to help you beef up the ego of your blog and all you need do is to read the guides below.

Introduction 13:

Label K: Talk about a research; people love to learn from them.

According to a research (link to the research), the more comments and shares the blog posts on a blog have, the quicker for it to grow. Isn’t it wonderful when your blog is an example of such? If yes, why not allow me to teach you what works out there, and of course works for me as well?

how to craft introduction from a title complete

That’s thirteen introductions right? I can write more! But let’s stop there.

Next is the Body of your post.

Here, the more professional, knowledgeable and experienced you are, the better. Like a baker, you are limited to the numbers of recipe you know. Bringing that to a blog post, the vaster you are in gathering information, the better you become in writing.

A normal baker would make first things go first. Mix the sugar and margarine to get a fluffy mixture before other things follow.

The body of your post also should follow that sequence. The readers must just want to read on with undivided attention.

But here is a warning: never make the body of your post to stray away from the concept of your introduction. If you do that, you spoil the post.

Getting the best out of the main points of your blog post

the body of your post

  • This is what determines engagement, and help build trust. If well done, it will bring more and more visitors. And if poorly done, it ends the glory of the post.
  • Remember that you have authority over how you make this happen.
  • Ideally, you are to follow a prescription, but the best is to follow your instinct. Know a way of bringing your thoughts together to make your points.
  • Many cakes have the same recipe, but different tastes. To know when and where to add each recipe is key to getting the best out of the oven. And when it comes to blog posts, the same rule follows: you need to open up your inner mind and act like a baker for real.
  • It helps greatly when you have baked many cakes. Helps the same way when you have written many contents on a particular subject.
  • If you are asked to compose a love song for your lover, you sure will do that relative to the relationship between the two of you. The same holds true for blog posts as well. Your knowledge about the topic of interest goes a long way in getting the best points.

To help you further, you might need to go back into the history to find more statements to help your point. For instance, you are to talk about SEO (a point) as part of the ways a blog can increase its traffic.

To develop a point like this, you can talk about how SEO is done generally, how it’s been from time past, and how it should be by now. It’s better when you have proofs to back it up.


If you really want to know how to write better on a title, it is wise to search related titles on google and see how people have written theirs. Get inspirations from them and it will help in getting the best out of your own post.

When you spy on other posts, you tend to expand the word length of your own blog post and no limit abounds.

Now, allow me to use introduction 3 and our complete post should now be in this form:

3 Ways to have more Shares and Comments on your blog posts.

You and I know that the joy of every blogger/writer is to have more and more returning visitors to read their blog posts no matter how poorly-written they are. The feeling is just like winning a jackpot especially when your instincts makes you know that you don’t really deserve it. Worthy or not, don’t you want to have that thrilling moment? Well, you are not far from it once you can read the 3 easy guides I have below.

First: Write it

Funny? I guess so! But that’s just it.

You don’t deserve comments and shares if you are not willing to write. Enough of daydreaming to have the best when you can’t give good and better. Enough of wishing and hoping to get the best out of blogging without the desire to write. Building the thirst for writing could be so sapping, but you tend to love doing it over and over again once you crave the willingness to write.

You want to have more comment and shares? Write a post for it.

Second: Command Respect

When you see a post that gets enough engagement, “commanding respect” is one hidden factor that brought about that. The more impactful your blog post is, the more engagement that rolls in.

As a blogger, it’s very important to write in a way that readers would see you as an authority on the topic you are writing. When you write as someone who knows what you are talking about, readers would try enough to neglect your inability to write well and focus on what to gain instead. Hey! Writing well still does the magic. In fact, to stay relevant in the blogosphere, you must desire to write well. Above all, let your blog post command respect.

Third: Ask for it

Simple right? Yes.

There is no big deal in asking for shares and comments from your reader. When you do you sure will get if only you know how to ask right. But, the more of trust you have gained form your readers, the easier it is for you to make such request and it would be granted.

Build enviable trust enough by presenting yourself as a problem solver and not just a selfish writer. When your readers see that your blog post is more of a help to their friends, they are just willing to share it with them, with little or no request for such.

But, it’s still good when you ask for comments and ask rightly.

Should we end the post there? No!

A good post will sure have a better ending. By doing that, you sure prepare your reader to come back for more.

When you see a cake that lasts for months, there is adequate amount of preservatives. And apart from writing a blog post that’s evergreen, you need to cement its impact in the hearts of your visitors cum readers. It’s a moment to make them reflect on what they just read and be willing to take action.

The better your conclusion, the better chance for engagement you have. To do that, here is what you should consider – it’s called conclusion.

And here is one:

I have learnt in life that, the best way to get to a destination on time is to start at the right time. You want to really have the best out of your blog posts? You really want to have an engagement that lasts? Then, with the three steps above, I wish your next blog posts would be a bomb. Thanks for your time.

It still doesn’t end there. The next is to make an invitation for feedback.

Here is an example: What I have written above are the direct results of my research. Do you know one or two other ways of getting same results? If yes, I would like to know. Kindly use the comment box. And if you love the post, kindly share it with your friends.

Isn’t that good? Correct!

Let me write the content in another form.

Let me use introduction 8 for this, and our complete blog post will be like:

3 Ways to have more Shares and Comments on your blog posts.

When it comes to having more shares and comments on a blog, you and I know that domain age is not a factor. To build a lasting engagement, you have to make sure you are doing what others are doing to get results.

I know it’s your desire to have enviable engagement on your blog posts and the last time I checked, it’s one of the least stuff to do on a blog. Curious? You only need to read on and you will soon hit the ceaseless flow.

Step one: Make your Request Known

How about asking for shares and comments at the end of your blog post? That is not a bad idea as long as you deserve it. When you know you have done a good job, and an outstanding worker at that, you sure can demand for an increase of salary from your boss. Yes or yes? The same principle applies in the blogosphere: if you need likes, shares and comments, it isn’t a bad idea if you ask for it as long as your post meets a standard that is unquestionable.

In fact, it gets to a point in blogging where you would want to wonder if Ghosts are sharing your blog posts. That doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth praying and hoping for.

Step 2: Let your Work Speak for you

I am a living testimony to some posts that I just feel guilty if I choose not to share. When I see such lovely post anytime, I just must pass it on. You know the kind of post? They are such that command respect. And this comes easy by having an in-depth knowledge of what you are writing on.

If you want to write about cars, it’s great if you will talk from the angle of a mechanical engineer, a car dealer, a car mechanic, and like a driver. That is possible when you have unquestionable knowledge about the topic you are writing on. And that amounts to being an authority in that niche.

Step 3: Be a real Blogger

A real blogger is one that crave writing. He is one that just love to write his own post without seeking for easy copy and paste. No matter how you paint “copy and paste” posts, plagiarism can’t be washed off of them. When all you do is to copy and paste all the time, especially when you fake the appearance as the main writer of the post, you will lose relevance like a bottle of methylated spirit would lose its content when opened for a long time.

If you want to have comments and shares, cultivate the habit of writing your own post. Before long, you will be glad you did.

So far so good, I have given you enough to help bring more and more visitors that always would love to share and comment on your blog posts. But the last time I checked, it’s easier said than done.

Do you really want to see this work? Then grab it all at once, and you will enjoy the result soonest.

Thanks for your time. And if you love this, kindly share it.

That’s the end of the lecture or tutorial on “3 ways to have more likes and shares on your blog posts.”

By now, I hope you have learnt how to write a post. If yes, let me know through the comment box.

More so, if you think there is an area of this post that you don’t fully understand, let me know through the comment box and I will make sure I rewrite that part to reflect the changes you desire.

So, let’s try this together. I will like you to write a post in the comment box to make sure you really understand what you have learnt.

The title I have chosen is “Why I Love My Mother”

I want you to write a short description on this. Post it in the comment box.

These can help: “What is Love?” “Why my Mother and not my Father?” “What happens when a mother is loved?” Who is a mother?”

Good luck!

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  1. Why I Love my Mum
    Nobody comes into this world without being born of a woman. And when you can look back to see how far you’ve come to be the best that you presently are, you just must have someone to give kudos to.
    When I looked around and decided to choose just one person that fits, my mum took the only available spot.
    And what about my dad?
    He is dead. I mean he’s late. Smiles. So, the number one reason I just must love my mum.
    What if my dad is alive today? I will still choose my mum. I remember he breastfed me for three good years. That’s not a typo. I sucked for three good years. My dad couldn’t have done that….

  2. Why I Love My Mum.

    Apart from the natural blessings that comes with mothers, there is a particular blessing that is exclusive to my mother. Whenever I feel sad and need someone to talk to. I think of no one but my mother, and even in times of. Happiness and I’m in need of someone to share it too, who else would it be if not momma? She captures my heart in everything I do in life, I don’t know the magic she was made up of, that I couldn’t stand not seeing her face. For a month, isn’t that enough re4son to love her? When someone carried me (almost 2,500g in weight) for almost a year without hesitating, who else would I love if not her….?

  3. You might be wondering why I admit giving the number one spot to my mum rather than, some young girl.

    After being being through a lot with her (even when my dad. was around) I seem not to have seen any human who can snatch that position from her.

    bringing me to this world and breast feeding me isn’t just the reason to love her as she is the only one who understands the real me.(you can imagine how you feel when misinterpreted).

    my mum is precious, I owe her big time as she has given her all in my course for comfort. I have seen mums who careless for their babies and mine stood with me despise my insensitivity.

    if there love is to be shared in percentage, my mum will sure gather 70% and more.

  4. Why I love my mum.

    Whatever becomes of our lives have a strong link to the kind of parenting we had. And our parents play important roles and leave us with indelible prints.

    I owe much of what I am to my parents, my mum especially. Caring for me as I toe up was my point of attachment to her. My dad could be here and there and nonchalant a lot of times, but my mum, she is always there whenever I needed her. Even in spite of the troubles I caused her, being a stubborn child, she loved, cared for me, and still does. Who wouldn’t love such an amazing woman?

    Now that I am a full grown adult, I know I couldn’t have come this far without her sacrifice and love. I love her too, more than I can describe.


    Almost everyone will accept with me when I say ‘there’s nothing that can be compared to the love of a mother.’ My innermost insecurities hide when I am around her because I can always confide in her. The feeling of her intense love flows in my vain, and evidences lie in the fact that she has always showered her care on me.

    When one sacrifices all she has just to bring out the best in you, she doesn’t deserve anything less than your sincere love.
    I love my momma.

  6. This is more than I can digest in a few minutes.

    It will take months of study and practice for one to fully digest. It is all every blogger needs to be successful.

    Great piece, just great!

  7. Why I love my mom.

    When I told a group of friends I was hanging out with last week that I love my mother more than any other woman, they starred at me as if they had seen a ghost.

    They wondered: Why would a young, vibrant man like me still be that close to my mum, and not a girlfriend? Why be that attached to your mother rather than your father? Well, I may not know much but I know that it’s that woman who sacrificed all her comfort to guarantee mine.

    I also don’t know about you, if you love your mom, but here’s the reply I gave them…

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