How to Write a Killer Introduction for Your Blog Post

3rd Assignment

We’re not reading anything about Jay Z anymore.

We will be cooking up a whole lot for him. Making our own Version of Jay Z.

See these cooked information.

His Age ( 20 years old) and already have 10 albums. No one else ever did it.

His Limitations ( He is physically challenged.

His Wife ( Married to a lawyer. She writes all her songs.).

His net worth ( 58 Billion dollars). Only two people in the world are ahead of him.

His last album was premiered in Ghana, and this one is set to be in Nigeria. More so, he was shot by some Ghanaian gangsters last year.

His Mother is from Nigeria.

He has a son.

He gives 50% of his income to some motherless baby homes.

The new album is titled *My Story*

The last one was titled *I am Alive*


You are going to use your creativity to make up three introductions from those facts about my Jay Z.

You are free to add any more information.

Just rule your world!

With the power of imagination, drop them on this post as comments!

Just be as free as a bird to think!

Remember, the title is *Jay Z is Set to Premiere His Latest Album in July


  1. – First

    Being without eyes and growing up in a cruel environ like Nigeria, isn’t it shocking, having a 20years old billionaire rapper shot while releasing his previous album, My Story, last year in Ghana and still getting ready for a grand Premiere of a new album by July in Motherland?

    – Second

    As an half cast to Nigeria, husband of a lovely lawyer and song writer, he got his interest in music sparked as a little kid blessed with a Boom Box Birthday Gift from his mother, a national of Nigeria. He immediately began to engage in writing lyrics for his own music.

    As at May 2017, a report from Forbes reported that Jay Z worth is stated to be $58,000,000,000 and 50% of his income is donated to the motherless baby homes since he’s about to premiere his 11th album, titled; I’m Alive in July and in motherland!

    – Third

    Last year Jay Z got his 10th album off the ground like a shattering thunder in Ghana where he got his first bullet ever but luckily on his shoulder.

    Despite this, his love for Africa will not quench as he is fully set to premiere his 11th album in a grand style right inside the heart beat of Africa, Nigeria!

  2. – 1st

    Jay Z to premiere his latest in July!!!
    The world’s no. 3 richest man is worth $ 58 Billion, married to a lawyer who is the architect of all his songs, and proud father of a male child.

    Born to a Nigerian mother who was the former Nigerian ambassador to Ghana, he is in the air waves again, this time not to be attacked and shot by gangsters in Ghana where he premiered his last album last year titled “I am alive”.

    The 20-year-old physically challenged super star Jay Z, with 10 albums to his credit, is set to blow the minds of Nigerians as he releases his latest album titled “my story ” in July.

    It may interest you to know that, Jay Z feeds the Orphanage with 50 percent of his income. Isn’t that amazing?

    – 2nd

    The physically challenged Hip Hop star, aged 20 with 10 albums to his credit making history in the Music Industry, is worth $58 billion placing 3rd amongst the rich in the world.

    Jay Z who was born to a Nigerian mother is set to premier his latest album titled “my story” in his his motherland, Nigeria.

    Jay Z was nearly killed by a gun shot by some tugs in Ghana last year, where his last album “I’m alive was premiered.

    A little in his personal life, Jay Z is the proud husband of a lawyer who did not only give him a son but writes all his songs, calls him a philanthropist and you won’t be far from the truth as he donates half of his income to the motherless babies home!!!

    – 3rd

    The Nigerian born artist who was shot in Ghana last year after premiering his album titled “I’m alive ” will soon release another block buster in Nigeria this July titled “my story “.

    The amazing facts about him, he is worth $58b, the number 1 richest amongst the youth and number 3 in the world, married to a lawyer, a father to 1 boy and shares his income equally with the motherless.

    At 20, the physically challenged made history as he can comfortably claim 10albums, thanks to the hardworking wife who writes the songs. Indeed, behind every successful man, there is a woman!!!

    #Good luck to me!!

    1. Sauda, this is brilliant.

      And you told me you haven’t written any article all your life!

      You need to keep this up.

  3. After the successful release of his debut album titled “I am Alive”, in March, the American-based rap god is set to unleash another mind-blowing album come July 2017. He captioned this one “My Story”

    At age 20, the one legged father of a 2-year-old son, and husband of a Lawyer and song writer already boasts of 10 hot albums within this short period of his stay in the music industry. Jay Z has a net worth of over 58 billion dollars making him the third richest individual on earth. 50% of Jay Z’s income is set aside for charity.

    Jay Z’s last album was premiered in Ghana, this time, he will be life in Nigeria. Perhaps he could be doing this in honour of his Nigerian mother, who knows?

  4. 1st

    After a narrow survival from the Ghanian gangsters shots last year, who could have ever believed the 20year physically challenged super-star; Jay Z will ever want to touch Africa again?

    Perhaps the love of his American layer wife is not as strong as the one from his African mother, even though his wife writes all his songs. Afterall, blood is thicker than water.


    People are just recovering from the waves made by his last album titled “I’m Alive” which came after the recent attack, and now, the $58 billion net worth rock star, Jay Z is set to premiere his next album on the soil of another Africa country; Nigeria. And titled this one “My story”.

    Perhaps he wants to tell us about how he managed to have 10 albums at such a young age, or maybe it’s about his 50% income donation to the motherless homes. Or it’s about how he got his son from his beautiful lawyer wife?

    Anyway, all fingers crossed as we watch this unbelievable artiste engraves yet again, his name on the walls of fame in Africa come July this year.

  5. Jay Z to premiere his latest album in July.

    After the release of his album titled “I am Alive” in March. America-based rapper with net worth of $ 58 Billion, married to a lawyer is set to release another one called “My Story”.

    At the age of 20, Jay Z has released 10 albums as a father of 2 years old child, and a father to song writer which has helped him a lot in the Music Industry.

    The physically challenged super star Jay Z, the the world’s number 3 richest man gives out 50% of his income to motherless baby homes.

  6. The singer’s mom is from Nigeria. He is worth 58 billion dollars and his last album was in Ghana but now going to be in Nigeria to Premiere his new album.

    Jay Z, married to a lawyer and father to a son, gives 50% of his income to motherless babies home. Coming to Nigeria to premier his latest album “my story”, is there a probability that he will help motherless babies in Nigeria too?

    After his album titled “I am alive”… we have anticipated for the release of his new album. And you know, he’s just 20yrs old, though he has released 10 albums and wants to release another?

  7. Many call him Jay Z but I would rather refer to him as. Wiz kid Jay. The Brooklyn born rapper who is worth $58 Billion and also the best selling musician under the age of 21, he already has 10 albums to his name and has completely changed the face of hip hop with his numerous hits back to back. He’s coming to Nigeria with his lawyer turned wife and their golden son to premiere his newest album titled ‘my story’. It’s going to be the bomb and am sure hell will feel it

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