How to Write the Perfect Meta Description Tag for Your Posts

Can we talk about a Meta Description?

lf you ask many online users why they made the decision to click on a search result from a search engine results page, Meta Description would be the best of answers. So you agree with my school of thought? Gracias. High five!

And quite surprisingly, many online businesses make a mess of their reputation by turning a deaf ear to the call of Meta tags.

With no gainsay, the reason some contents get lower click through rates, regardless of their position on the SERPs, is nothing but the use of the wrong Meta tags.

If you are one of them, it’s high time you changed your orientation and enjoy the inherent power of great Meta Descriptions.

If you don’t? Then watch as those who are steps below you on the SERPs get higher click through rates than you.

As long as you want to have the blog posts that visitors want to read, writing a better Meta description is a necessity.

Through this post, you will understand the better use of Meta description tags and be able to write killer ones for your next blog posts.

So… Let’s Roll.

What is a Meta Description Tag?

The meta description tag is the snippet of texts that’s often attached to a title whenever a search is made on search engines. It summarizes the page it’s written for and help both the users and search engine crawlers to have a better understanding of the page.

Even though the use of a meta description has lost a chunk of its value to ranking on search engines (Google’s for example), its presence is still pivotal to getting results on search engine results pages.

Why Do You Need a Meta Description?

I know how it feels when the Meta Description is the main reason your blog post gets a higher click on the SERPs.

And most assuredly, nothing gladdens my heart than knowing that an online user clicks to my post because of a meta description.

I am double sure the feeling is the same with you.

Facts About Meta Description

It Belongs to the Family of Meta Tags

A meta description is literally an attribute within a Meta tag which help understand what a page is all about.

Meta Tags is like a frame with Meta Title and Meta Description as the blocks.

While Meta Title is the Title of Your Post, Meta Description is the summary of your post. See the picture below for clarifications.


It’s only being shown when it’s relevant to the user’s query.
Google, for instance, could pick a phrase from the body of the post to be shown instead of the Meta Description attached to the post.

It Doesn’t Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

For those who have been in the SEO biz for a long time and are students of SEO history, a Meta Description used to be one of the ranking factors for a post.
Now, the days of meta descriptions helping you up the SERPs is long gone!

A Well-Written Meta Description Isn’t a Proof of the Greatness of Your Post

Yes, I’ve seen great posts with poorly written Meta descriptions. And, of course, there are a lot of spammy posts out there with lovely Meta tags.
I am sure you don’t want to pay for your ignorance by letting a post get a higher click through rate than yours because of a common Meta description that won’t take more than a minute to write.

Why Write a Meta Description?

Apart from its role in helping search engines and users have a clear cut understanding of your post or page, social media sites would always pull them to be used whenever a content is shared.

With Yoast Plugin, you can use different meta description tags for social sharing.

Here’s an example:


Meta Description Best Practices

The Shorter, the Better

When writing a Meta Description, make sure you don’t let it be more than 150 Characters.

Ideally, Google might not show more than 160 Characters, though they sometimes go beyond that for reasons best known to them.

Hint: To know the number of Characters in a string of words, count all the letters, the spaces in-between words and all the symbols present.

Give What it Promises

Nothing is misleading and disappointing than clicking on a search result only to discover that the Title and Meta Description were baits for a poorly-written content. Don’t Make it Deceiving!

It’s not a Twin Brother of the Title

Even though it should be related to the meta title, you shouldn’t let it be the same as the title. It shouldn’t be a replica of the title, though it is advisable it has the target keyword.

Make it different from the title but should have a connection with it.

Make it as Compelling as Possible

One thing is to make sure a Meta description is within the acceptable character length, another is for it to have the to make a user want to click.

To make a great meta description, make sure it has an undertone of a call to action; write it to make a visitor want to click.

Avoid Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Don’t just use the same meta description on all your pages because it’s a combination of some magical words. Doing this might get you a slap from Google.

Make sure a meta description is not a duplicate of another.

Hint: You want to know if you have any duplicate meta description?
Read this post on duplicate meta tags.

How to Write the Meta Description that Wins

Summarize Your Post

If you passed through college, you would have, at least, a lame understanding of summary as used in the English Language. Don’t you know that? Then go back to college and… Gerarahere for real!

Since a meta description is the summary of your post, look through the post and determine the best combination of words that will give the best description.

Understand User’s Intent

What’s the user looking for?
And what are the possible ways they can search for what they want?

While trying to write a Meta description, be sure you see it from the visitor’s angle.

Let’s See Some Examples

Example 1:

Title: 3 Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog Instantly

User’s Intent:

Before that title can be shown to a user, they must have searched any of the following queries:

Ways to Make Money from my Blog

Ways to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make More Money from Blogging

Ways to Make More Money from my Blog

What are the Ways to Make Money from My Blog

How Can I Make More Money from my Blog?

Is it possible to make more money from my blog?

Tricks to Make More Money from Blogs

Steps to Make More Money from My Blog

How Can I Make More Money as a Blogger?

I am not making enough from my blog, how can I increase my earnings?

And the list goes on…

Watch the Video below to see an example of what I’m trying to say

Now the Meta Description:

You need to know that the title you chose might not be a generic keyword that users search, so the need to be intuitive in making your description.

For instance, there isn’t just 3 Ways to make money from blogs. It could be less or more. In fact, there might be a post with a title like “7 Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog”.

Your own post declares “3 Ways” and someone else’s, “7 Ways”. If you are to write your post and the description, you could make the visitor know that there might be many ways, but the 3 you’re showing are the most reliable.

Then, you need a more compelling description.

Hint: there is an Opinion Poll at the end of the descriptions you are about to read. Make sure you read to understand so you can cast a vote.


  1. Do You Care to Make More Money from Your Blog? You only need these 3 Ways and you won’t have to.
  2. Stop learning limitless ways of making more money from your blog. Get your hands on these 3 ways and see your earnings skyrocket.
  3. Stop reading junks on making more money from your blog. These 3 Ways will blow your mind and give you exponential results
  4. Struggling to make more money from your blog? See these three practical ways to making more money. It works.
  5. Here are the 3 most priced ways to make more money from your blog and spend like a king in few weeks.
  6. Use these 3 easy but magical ways of making more money on your blog and watch as your earnings take a face-lift!
  7. Stop searching for how to make more money on your blog. These 3 new ways are all you need to be financially buoyant.
  8. Quickly Learn these 3 ways to make more money from your blog and make your bank see you as a boss in weeks.
  9. If you really want to make more money from your blog, these 3 sure-fire ways will help you in no time and you will be glad you read them.
  10.  See the 3 foolproof ways to say goodbye to low earnings on your blog. Take action now and join those with testimonies.
  11. With these 3 steps to making more money from your blog, you will gladly say farewell to low earnings on your blog forever.

Now Vote your best description as a proof that you understand what you’ve learnt.

And.. it’s your turn.

Through the comment box below, write some user’s intents and fitting meta descriptions for any of the following titles.
You can try it all if you wish; that’s even better.


*Best Places to Buy Phones Online

*How to Be a Better Blogger

*How to Write a Post

*Cute Ways to Say Goodnight

*Google AdSense Tricks that Works

*Why You’re Not Making Much from Your Blog

Got questions? Use the Comment Box.


  1. Best Places to Buy Phones Online

    User’s Intent:
    Where is the best place to buy phone online?
    Where can I buy a phone online
    How can I buy a Phone Online

    Meta Description:
    1. You’re just a click away from the best places to buy a phone online. See our list of the best places you can buy a phone online.
    2. You want to buy a phone online? Here are the best of places you can buy your choice of phones online.
    3. Stop searching, see our guides to buying your choice phones online and the the best places to buy them.

  2. Google AdSense Tricks that Works

    1. I will show you proven tricks that really works for adsense without kicking yourself out

    2. Are you looking for the the killer Adsense formula that works ? Here are 3 Adsense tricks that are safe

    3. Worried about your earnings, read this best adsense tricks to improve your earnings

    1. Great, Olayinka.

      Number 2 and 3 are compelling… Number one could have been better written thus:
      These are proven tricks that really work for AdSense without kicking yourself out…

      “I will show you proven tricks that really works for AdSense without kicking yourself out” would do well in the body of the post.

  3. Topic; How To Write A Post

    User’s Intent;
    How to write a well optimized post
    How can i write a post that will rank
    What are the tips for writing a good post

    Meta Description;
    1. These are by far the best ways to ensure that your post is well written and optimized, you are just a click away from writing a good post.
    2. Do you want your post to rank? Here are few tips for writing a good post that will bring you unique visitors
    3. Get to know top secrets on how to write a post. become the best at what you love

  4. Great Job, Mr Olalekan.

    Where can I buy a phone online.

    Meta description
    So worried of were to buy a phone online?
    Worry no more, Here are most excellent places to get the best phone online and you will not regret you did.

  5. Good work Ola,

    How to wear heels without feeling pain.

    Meta Description

    1- You want to wear heels without feeling pain? Here are some tips to help you do that.
    2- know these secrets to wearing heels and say goodbye to that pain.

  6. How to make a link with HTML

    user’s intent

    what is HTML
    How can I relate HTML with CSS
    easy means to create a link with HTML

    Meta Description

    Have you been finding it a herculean task to derive links with HTML? worry no more, here are major procedures to get it done in no time.

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