How to Write a Search Engine Optimized Blog Post

Writing a search engine optimized blog post could be one of those nightmares for a newbie blogger in the blogosphere, but the last time I checked, nothing is ever too big for anyone to achieve as long as the will is there.

Every Search Engine Optimized blog post starts with keyword research, to writing the content that search engine crawlers would love.

If we are going to write for the keyword “Latest new in Nigeria” like every other blog posts, few things need to be taken into consideration.

Here they are

1. The title

You can add some more words to make the title more comely for users to click. You can add any other words that is searched along with it. For example, Latest News in Nigeria Today, Latest News in Nigeria now, All Latest News in Nigeria, All Latest News in Nigeria as of Today, Latest News in Nigeria as of Today, are all keywords searched.

So, what do we do?

It’s either you for the one that has closer search volume to “Latest News in Nigeria”, or try to combine as many of the keywords as possible together.

The result of the combination could now be any of these: “All Latest News in Nigeria Now, Today.”

Depending on the type of blog post you are writing on, the title-making strategy defers.

For example, the way you coin out titles for a “list post” is different from how you do for a “how-to post”.

See these:

Keyword One:

Ways to make more money from Google AdSense

Title Ideas:

3 Simple Ways to make more Money from Google AdSense

The best ways to make more money from Google AdSense

Ways to make more money from Google AdSense? Here are the top 7

Top 7 Ways to make more money from google AdSense without increasing your CTR

Top 7 Ways to make more money from google AdSense without increasing your RPM

The Killer Strategy: How to make more money from Google Adsense

Keyword Two:

How to increase my organic traffic

Title Ideas:

This is How to Increase your Organic Traffic. (The word ‘my’ has changed to ‘your’, right? Google will sure rank the content for it. The search engine knows that’s an answer to a question

How to Increase your Organic Traffic without Spending money

How to increase your Organic Traffic without SEO

How to increase your Organic Traffic without posting more Content.

How to Increase my Organic Traffic? Here are the Top 3 ways to Increase your Organic Traffic

See, the secret behind creating a catchy title is to aid your click-through rate on the Search Engine results pages. That’s why being on the number one position somethings, doesn’t mean you will have more click-through rate than the site on the second position on the same first page.

The lovelier your title is, the better chance it has to get it clicked by searchers.


2. The ‘post url’, or ‘post link’

Without search engine optimized links, ranking any blog post is near impossible. Using a wrong url for a blog post will make your SEO journey will suck. Yea, suck!

Note this:

A post title and the url might be a bit different from each other.


Title: All Latest News in Nigeria Now and Today

From the above example, you can see that the words ‘in’ and ‘and’ were removed. Why? They are called stop words.

If you don’t include them in your link, the post will still rank. But for a benefit of doubt, you can put them.

The title and the url might be a little more different even, as in the example below,

Title: AdSense Earning Cheat Sheet: How to make more money from Google AdSense
or Url:
or Url:

In all, you must make sure the url contains the keyword you are trying to rank for in a lovely order with or without the stop words.

More about stop words

A stop word is a word that doesn’t have the important significance to be used in Search Queries. They are mostly articles (a, an, the) and prepositions.

Examples: before, for, in, on, though, although, if, beyond, etc.

A practical example: Copy a paragraph of this post and type into the google. You will find out that they won’t be bolded out like other words. See the picture below.

And what’s next?

3. The Meta Description

Meta description is the text snippet that shows below the title of a post on search engines, like Google’s.

Your Meta description must be so precise and so inviting enough to make searchers want to jump into your website/blog.

The Meta description tag is limited to 150-156 characters. And if you don’t write a Meta description for your blog post, the first few words of the post will be picked up to show on the search engine results pages.

Now, let’s write a Meta description for the title “All Latest News in Nigeria Today”.

To write a Meta description, you just need to add few words that will trigger a searcher to click through to your blog. More so, your keyword should be part of the words you’d use for the Meta description.

Let’s see some examples:

Meta description 1: Get All the Latest News in Nigeria Today as they break. The most accurate and report on the internet. You can’t get a better report elsewhere.

Meta description 2: We bring all the latest News in Nigeria today to you. Get the latest updates on News in Politics, Gospel, Entertainment, Gossip, and of course, Celebrity news.

Meta description 3: Best and timely updates of All Latest News in Nigeria Today. Current News on Gossip, Politics, Gospel, Entertainment, and Celebrity News.

Good? Yea, Good!

The next is?

4. Introduction of the Post

To write an introduction for the post. (This infographic will help you understand all the parts of a blog post.)

To write an introduction, which is the first or more paragraphs of a blog post, you need employ some few techniques.

This post on how to create a blog post that visitors want to read and share will help. (Opens on a new tab)

The post I linked to up there talks about how you can create a killer introduction that will make the visitor to just want to come back.

With the mentioned post above, below are few introductions for our post “All Latest news in Nigeria”

Introduction One: If you are a Nigerian, or a lover of this Nation, you should know by now that there is no other source of amusement than the ones one would get in here. Nigeria as a country is a center for all you can ever desire in news. Is it the latest in Comedy, Gospel, Celebrity, and Politics? You sure will find all your ears will tingle at.

In three words, ‘I Love Naija’.

Note: As you begin to write, you should carefully begin to introduce all the keywords you will love to rank for into the body of your post, staring from the introduction. If you look at the ‘introduction one’, you will discover that I have added ‘comedy, gospel, Celebrity, and Politics. With the inclusion of those, I can easily rank for any ‘latest news’ keyword that has any of those in them.

Introduction 2: Nigeria is my fatherland. A nation that doesn’t only flow with milk and honey but also with latest news in any form you could ever think of. Do you really want Latest Gospel News, Latest Political News or Even Celebrity news in Nigeria Today? Do you want them as they break? Or probably the news happening now? Then you stand the chance of getting your appetite whet with the collection of Latest News in Nigeria, below.

Should I write more? No! See your face like, “Yea, write more!”

Note: If you don’t develop a writer’s instinct, writing the simplest of post is like going on a suicide mission. But, you only need to summon enough courage. You need to slap yourself hard and get up to work. And no matter how hard it might look, don’t give up.

I begin to write by studying how people write. You just pick few blog posts, read and digest. Check how they started and how they flowed until the end of each post. Doing that alone will give you the boost you need to start. And don’t care about your grammatical blunders for now. Just write! And correcting errors will come next.


5. The Body of The Post

After the Introduction comes the body of the post. To get the best out of this, you need to structure your post with your title in mind.

For instance, if I am to write a post on ‘7 Ways to make more money form AdSense’, the body of the post might be like this:

I know you want to get more clicks, higher ctr and, of course, higher rpm which all together will help boost your Google AdSense ranking. Just relax as I will take you through the seven ways through which you can achieve this.

After writing that, you are free to start with the lists, from number one through to number seven.

What if you want to write something like “Love Messages for my Love?”

That’s where creativity comes in!

When you are to write such a post, just go and read what other bloggers or website owners have written on the topic and it will help you broaden your knowledge, thereby increasing your chances to write more.

If we are to follow the Latest New in Nigeria as a post, all I will do is to start by highlighting the different sections of news, then writing about them.

Note: Google doesn’t have a template for the body of a post. Just write anything you can write, not necessarily how other websites have written about the topic. Just write what you know your readers will love to read and want to come back to your website or blog. Just free your mind! Yea, free your mind and write any sensible post as you carefully mention your keywords in the post.

And, Finally…

6. End the Post

And when you are done, you write the closing of the post. Read this to help: How to write a killer blog post. (Opens on a new tab)

So far so good. I have been able to teach you how to write an SEO optimized post. You only need to practice this once you read I through.

If you don’t understand any past of this, kindly point to it through the comment box. Thanks.


Exercise: This is a must-do for you.

Use the keyword I am going drop below to coin out a title. Write a Meta description for the title, and then the introduction. Also write at least 100 words on the topic.

Here is the Keyword: How to be a good Blogger

You time starts now.


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