Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) Scam

Is Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) Really a Scam?

The very first day I got the story of the new Social Media Site by our own Linda Ikeji, I didn’t get a clue of what to expect until I watched the video she made all by herself.

(Note: I don’t want to sound techy with this post. I only want it to be as simple as possible so the worst of simpletons can grasp it.)

First of all, it’s praiseworthy to see her take such a bold step to make something of her own, regardless of the avalanche of criticism that she’s got upon launching the site.

Let me Give You Something to Chew On!

Criticism will say, there’s no big deal in setting up a site, hire writers, engage Search Engine Optimization that works, publish posts that will millions visit the site and the money will keep coming in.

I know how it feels to not be the owner of the social media. I can tell how it bother many people’s spine to see her going great in her endeavors!

If you’re one of them who would rather want her down because you’re not on top, you are the undoing of yourself.

Don’t loathe another person’s success if you ever want to have a feel of success yourself.

Now, let us talk about why you are here. You want to know if…

Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is Scam

With all Honesty, I don’t think the concept is a scam. Taking it deeper – it’s a game about to play on many feeble minds.

People’s Opinion on Linda Ikeji Social

People say she doesn’t have the technical expertise to handle such a big idea.
As for me, that should be the least of her worries: she can read up and buy people over to help. She’s got the money.

My Main Concern – and should be yours too – is the compensation plan!

Her Compensation Plan is Meagerly

I see a lot of people jumping outta their skins because she plans to be paying for stories.

She’s going to pay 1,000 Naira for a genuine story… That’s 2.5 dollars!

So you want to risk your life to capture what you are not to all in the name of money?

You want to see a horrible scene, capture and send to LIS because you want 1,000 Naira?

And she will publish same and make 500,000 Naira!

I’ll rather drop a Video on my YouTube Channel, make enough money from it in the long run than send to her social media site.

God help you, someone else reports the story before your Airtel network will let you. You have wasted enough effort for that day and that will break your heart… Your pocket, too!

LIS Followership Plan?

You must be a jerk to fall for that!

If you create a blog and have 2000 loyal readers, you’ll make much more than she is planning to offer!

Thousands of followers to make money on her social network? That’s a joke of a century.

My Stand on Linda Ikeji Social

I don’t see the site failing but might not succeed as she expects if she doesn’t do the needful!

My Advise for Linda Ikeji

I know her plan is to make more money, forget about the background tone of helping people.

If she will expect the site to make wave as she had hoped and wished, she should do a rethink of her compensation plan.

That’s my submission on whether or not Linda Ikeji Social (LSI) is a scam.

Over to you… What do you think..
Is Linda Ikeji Social (LSI) a Scam or not?


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