Best Bank in Nigeria to Use for Google Adsense Earnings

Which Bank in Nigeria is actually the best when it comes to receiving your Google Adsense Earnings?

Follow me on this post and you’ll know all that matters in choosing a bank to be receiving your Google Adsense Earning on a monthly basis.

We were on Whatsapp the other day and someone coincidentally mentioned why he resolved to be using his present bank to receive his Google Adsense monthly Earnings.

I knew it could be one of those small headaches of blogging so I decided to put up a post on it to help as many bloggers as are interested in the topic.

See the Pictures Below for Details






From the Pictures above, FCMB was mentioned as a reliable bank when it comes to receiving your Adsense Earnings from Google, as opposed to GTBank.

The sole reason is because you can withdraw dollars through your FCMB domiciliary account but not from GT Bank domiciliary account.

My Own Google Adsense Earnings Story

I got my first pay in January 2015 and was enjoying my #198.5 per dollar (bank rate) until my brother asked me to go open a domiciliary bank account with FCMB. I couldn’t hesitate so I went on to get it done.

Today, I’m enjoying the benefits of the steps I took in 2015; I withdraw my dollar and change at the black market rate.

So Why Do You Need a Domiciliary Bank Account for Your Google Adsense Earnings?

With a Domiciliary account, you can withdraw a foreign currency from your bank account and change at the black market rate.

If you don’t have a domiciliary bank account, you can still receive payments from Google Adsense, only that the money will be converted to the bank rate – you wouldn’t like the rate, I can bet that!

Why is FCMB my Choice?

Well, there’s no reason comparing banks when it comes to getting paid by Google, as long as your bank meets your needs.

I choose FCMB because they allow me to withdraw in dollars.

You can choose them too!

Before you go, help us cast a vote for your choice of banks so we know which one you use, and why.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I use GTB but the service they provide is sooooo annoying!! I went to withdraw my money and bump! they told me to provide new referees. I provided referees and for two months now and my money is still as good as the text on my phone 😀

  2. Wow. Thanks to you. I was really losing money until you introduced me to FCMB. At first I didn’t buy the idea because of finding a surety but after everything I had to open the account. Now am enjoying it because I can now withdraw the Dollar from my Dom account and sell in the black market. Thank you Mr OLA. FCMB is good for receiving Adsense earnings.

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