Working Trick: Rank on Google First Page with Yoast SEO Plugin

Isn’t it high time you made a boast of your SEO prowess with Yoast SEO plugin?

So you heard how Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins out there as long as SEO Ranking is concerned – wordPress plugins reviews have it!

To join the league of its adherent users, you did a quick search, it came up as expected and you installed it perfectly.

The moment you activated it, you got a quick guide that helped in linking to your Webmasters tools and your sitemaps were rightly created.

You were so happy to have had an awestruck feeling with what the plugin can supposedly do. It’s a WordPress SEO tool bundle that binds!

As if that’s not Enough

Almost immediately, you were inspired to make a post so you dropped in a well-written one, confident of your newly found all in one SEO plugin.

You then applied the Meta Title Tags techniques you learned from Mr. Jack with the Meta Description Tags tactics you borrowed from Uncle brother Robinson.

Since you’ve learned how to dot your I’s and cross your T’s as long as writing a blog post is concerned, you were able to assure yourself of a world class post.

You set your target keyword and it was great. You scrolled down to see that Yoast has marked it Green for Readability and SEO.

Bravo, You Called Out!

It was an adventurous move, and the score from yoast was affirming enough.

To cement the feeling, you hurriedly pressed the Publish button, ran to Google to submit the link to be crawled.

Within some seconds, the result can be seen on Google.

But beyond your wildest imagination, nothing happened after few days and the post was taking like forever to appear at your desired spot on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Does that Sound Like You?

If you answer yes to that question, permit me to let you know that you’ve been psychologically duped!

Here’s a Quick Heads Up

In case you don’t know, you can do everything about your post before you drop them to be published on WordPress, expecting Yoast SEO plugin to perform some Abracadabra to help you rank.

Now let’s get to the bone of contention:

The Myth of Yoast SEO Plugin for Search Engine Optimization

So I met a lady sometime ago who was so excited to see the green mark of Good SEO by Yoast to a post she just made.

I looked at the post and laughed because she obviously wouldn’t rank for the keyword she had optimized the post for.

Frankly speaking, I’m not happy with the media hype around the so-called Yoast SEO Plugin and the myths below are worth my judgment.

Yoast SEO Plugin Myth 1

That your post is showing green as a mark of good SEO isn’t a proof that you would rank.

Let’s Have a Practical Example

Go to your dashboard, create a new post with the title below:

Shakarakashida to You in the House


Use the Texts below as the Body of the Post




You can copy the raw text this page

Now Let you focus keyword be “Shakarakashida”.

Set the Meta Description as:
Shakarakashida is long waiting to be shida for you if you shida for him to as well as for her to me is goodest for you and me.

What Did You Notice?You noticed that both the readability and SEO scores are green, right?

The Video below will do More Justice to That

Did you notice that both the readability and SEO scores are green, right?

But that post is nonsense! In fact, there’s no word like Shakarakashida.

How come the plugin is giving me a great score for a jargon I put up as a post?

That brings me to the 2nd Myth

The Yoast SEO Plugin only Follows a Preset Guideline

As opposed to some people’s opinion and belief of the plugin, it doesn’t assist you with optimizing your content for Search Engines visibility.

Instead, it scores your post against some presets on SEO writing tips:

  1. Let your target keyword be the first set of words in the title.
  2. Make the target keyword appear as headings for a few times in the body of the post.
  3. Let the focus keyword appear in the first paragraph of the post.
  4. Make sure the focus keyword appear in the Meta Description Tag.
  5. Reduce the Use of Stop Words in the title of the post, and don’t add any to the focus keyword.
  6. Let the images in the body of the post has alt texts containing the focus keyword.
  7. Use more of Transition Words.
  8. Make Sure the Post is more than the required 300 words.

The moment your post meets the criteria above, it will be scored great for both readability and SEO…

But that doesn’t mean the post will rank. It’s Ignorance at its peak!

Let’s do the Needful

Before you make any post using Yoast SEO Plugin, adopt the following principles and practices.

How to Rank on Google First Page with Yoast SEO plugin

1. Do a Keyword Research

There’s a need to do a keyword research before you make any post that will rank.

Don’t just paste in some junks and seeing that you’re getting a desirable SEO, you begin to celebrate the organic traffic that will only come in your dreams.

Taking a cue from the sample post above (the shakarakashida post), you shouldn’t just type in a keyword that nobody searches as your post title and focus keyword then begin to expect search engine rankings.

You don’t know how to do a keyword research? Get this guide to keyword research that wins.

2. Make Sure You use an Alt Text for the Images on the body of the Post

If your post title is on “Blogging with Purpose”, make sure your featured image has the post title as its alt text.

Google crawlers don’t see images except you use an alternative text that describes what they are.

The rule of thumb is, if you have the image of a car on your site and have “my wedding dress” as the alt text, Google will actually see the car as a dress.

3. Write More than Your Competitors’ Posts

It’s funny how the Yoast plugin scores you high because you’ve written more than 300 words for a post.

If you’re ranking for a keyword, however, make sure you write more than your competitors have written on the same topic.

If you competitors have written an average of 1000 words, you should try to write around 1,500 to 2000 words.

4. Adapt to the use of short Sentences

Don’t write a sentence that goes forever. Make sure your sentences are short and well structured for readability purposes.

The shorter your sentences, the more chances you have to make your readers love your content.

5. Make Sure Your Content is Readable

From the step four above, it’s important that your content is readable.

No visitor wants to encounter a post in which the past tense is tucked into the present tense and the nouns are taking the places of the verbs.

If you don’t know how to write, just learn.

Brighter grammar is your friend, buddy!

6. Be Creative in Writing Your Contents

No matter how lengthy your post is, you will miss a great deal of conversion if you are not dynamic enough.

Dynamism or creativity, however, isn’t a passport for ambiguity. If you will write a post, make sure you don’t kill it with words that your readers would have to consult dictionaries to understand. Simplicity is key!

Blogging is for all, but purposeful blogging is for the creative ones. It’s your decision to choose where you belong. – Olalekan Adebumiti.

7. Let your focus Keyword appear in the body of the post for few times

If you’re targeting “How to Blog and make enough money to build a house in the sun”, make sure the title has variations that appear in the body of the post.

Make it appear for a few times but don’t overdo it to avoid being slapped by Google.

I say, again, don’t stuff the post with keywords to the extent that visitors will know how many times you’ve used the words. Be creatively strategic.

8. Let your focus keyword appear in the Meta Description for the post

In addition to the focus keyword’s appearance in the body of the post, make sure it also appears in the Meta Description.

When it appears in the Meta Description, you’re at an advantage to force some impressions of the post on your prospective visitors.

9. Link to Other Pages

Link building is one of the factors that help build a website that ranks high on the SERPs. Whether it’s internally or externally, it’s very important that you link to another page from your content.

10. Limit Your Post Title’s Character

Search results on search engines, Google’s for example, has the limit of characters they can show for a title. So make sure the page title is not wider than the viewable limit.

Whilewritingg a post title, alway keep it below 65 Characters for a desirable result.

11. Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

Over time, Google has been in the unrepentant habit of favouring any page that has some keywords that are related to the one it’s targeting.

LSI keywords help search engine crawlers to get a better grasp of the content you are trying to do SEO on.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords are the keywords that are related to your focus keyword.

For your information, LSI keywords are not just some synonyms of your focus keyword.

Let’s See an Example

If your post is “How to make money online“, the LSI Keywords to use could be…

How to create a website from scratch, Start a blog free and make money from it, How to make your own blog and make money from it.

Website creator tools you should know, How to make a blog site that will guarantee you making money online.

Jobs online to make money, How to start a website that will grow over the next few months to give you financial freedom, Work from home jobs, How to build a blog and make money, How to make money at home.

Online jobs from home, How to earn money online, You might build your own website to make money, How to get money for free.

The Placement of the LSI Keywords

Ideally, the LSI keywords should appear in the body of the post in a strategic but creative way.

If you want to know more about LSI keywords, see this LSI keywords guide.

And if after following the stated steps above, Yoast SEO plugin is still scoring you low on both Readability and SEO, just don’t mind it.

It’s dull, sometimes. Here is the proof.

After I wrote about the CS Bloggers, it made me know I started three sentences with the same word and I was like, what’s wrong with you, Yoast!


See the picture below for the error it stated:


Can you imagine how it scored me low because I started three consecutive sentences with the word “We”?

Nothing is wrong with what’s up there except that the Yoast plugin is high on WordPress dust!

That’s my submission on the Yoast SEO plugin. I hope it inspires you to write the post that will rank on your desired spot on the SERPs.

Any Recommendations, Criticisms, Corrections or Appraisals? We live by their lumps!

Use the Comment box to voice your opinion and I’ll gladly reply to it.

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