What is a Focus Keyword? Here is all You Need to Know

Someone asked “What is a Focus Keyword” after creating a post and I decided to put the chat up so you learn from it.

Blogger: Hello. If a page title is. *Black Eye Peas – No Going Back Lyrics* What will be the focus keyword from it?
Olalekan: It depends on what you put.

Focus keyword can be any of these

“No Going Back Lyrics”

Black Eye Peas No Going Back Lyrics

Lyrics of No Going Back by Black Eye Peas

What is a Focus Keyword?

Focus keyword (also know as Target Keyword)  is the keyword you are writing a search engine optimized post for.

You have to know that before you even write the title.

For instance, I want to rank for “How to Write a Post”.

The Focus (or Target) keyword should be “How to Write a Post”.

To write a title with that, you add some more words.


How to Write a Post that Will Rank

How to Write a Post in 3 Simple Ways

This is How to Write a Post for SEO

Best Guide on How to Write a Post

As you can see, the titles contain the target keyword.

You also must make sure the url (the link) of the post contains your Focus Keyword. The target keyword must also be in your meta decryption.

Over to You

Get a Focus Keyword and Write few titles on it, making sure the keyword shows in each of them.



  1. Thank you sir. You just impacted on me a million dollar knowledge. I’ve googled a lot on how to write a focus keyword, especially in music lyrics blogging but not any of the answers I got could satisfy my yearnings.
    Once again, thank you.

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