Why Bloggers Fail in Blogging

Wait, how do you feel when you have tried all your best possible over a venture; you have spent enough money, dedicated much time, have had sleepless nights and even skipped many naps – but then you couldn’t achieve your initial aim for the venture?

Let me borrow you some words. Dejected, defeated, demoralized, horrible, and terrible? Those words are even small compared to how people feel following a failed venture.

To bring this back home, I will say blogging is one of such ventures.

But you would have loved to start your blog, and in couples of days, you are making millions. And that even continues until eternity without any hitch along the line. How would you feel? You will feel proud, successful, like a professional, on top of the world and then ask people to “follow you bumper to bumper” as you will be singing ‘them no reach o’ and ‘maga don pay, ‘shout halleluyah!’

That would have been a dream come true. And that is the joy of every business person, not just bloggers. But it doesn’t happen that way. To say the truth, sometimes some would feel like taking their lives following a failed venture. Hey! Don’t think that way, blogging will soon pay, alarm will soon blow!

So, why do bloggers fail in blogging? Why do people call it quit?

Let me tell you the story of a pastor. This so-called man of God had written to another pastor over his failure since he started his ministry. In his words he said, “Sir, I have been in the ministry for ten years now and I thought God called me then but now feeling as if he didn’t; should I go back to my former job, or what exactly should I do?”

Would you tell me what is wrong with this pastor?

Let us run some analysis using these three clauses “for ten years, “I thought God called me then”, and “my former job.”

Ten years ago, he saw being a pastor as a venture to make it big. In fact, everyone was into it and he had every requirements, which was why he had to leave his former job for the pastoral venture.

That was ten years ago. Now he has realized he got it all wrong! So wrong that he couldn’t account for ten years of his life. He must have expected avalanche of fortune but saw jeopardy instead. If you ask him how he feels now, he wouldn’t give more than the wish to turn back the hand of time. I sigh!

So, what’s wrong with this clergyman?

Here is it…. LACK OF PURPOSE!

Yes, that is it. And let me say it again, LACK OF PURPOSE!

That is what makes many bloggers quit.

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I know you want to succeed in blogging because you have already seen a lot of people succeeded in the blogosphere. To bring it back home, many Nigerian bloggers want to go into blogging because they see Linda Ikeji making millions from it. Of course, that is enough reason to go into blogging. But, it is fruitless when you don’t know the “how-to of blogging.”

Someone once said,

“It is good to know where you are going in life, better to know someone who know the way there and best to know someone who goes there every time.”

That is what mentoring do; that is the hand I am offering through this challenge.

Let us agree that I have not had enough physical proof to show you of my success as a writer, and not just the cliché word, blogger. If you go by that, then you don’t know the value of mustard seeds. I sure have had few achievements to show and I am building an empire shortly.

Follow me on this path, and we will build empires together.

This is the second day of our “BETTER ME BLOGGING CHALLENGE.” I am so glad that the first lecture went well. Read the first lecture to get better perception of this.

Let us now go back to purpose and talk about why people fail in blogging and some quit permanently.

There is no gainsay that every blogger wants to make money blogging. Whether going into affiliate or having adverts on their blogs. Tell me that you just want to blog for passion and you could earn a moral slap from me. I will even have to beat you up if I set my eyes on you.

Face the fact! You want to blog, affect lives positively and get money in return. You are happy because you are affecting lives, your visitors or blog followers are happy because they have gotten some goodies from you and your bank account smiles along. If you ask me why I blog, even in my dreams or while facing a gunman, I wouldn’t give any answer other than that. I want to blog and make money – I shout!!!

Sorry for that break in transmission. Purpose right? Good.

According to this book, two things make purpose and they are “Vision and Mission.” It means, you must have a projection (Vision) of what you want to become in life and then set a path (Mission) for it.

Every dullard has vision and majority of the knowledgeable don’t have the wherewithal to set a mission path. Isn’t that true?

Let us see this video to know why people really fail. Obviously, Success in blogging really starts from how we think about success cum achievements!

Here is it: if you desire a car, you will first have to think about when you must have purchased the car, think about how you will be the talk of the town until you get to a point where you ask yourself, “how do I get the money?” if you are able to set a plan on how to get the money and then you are able to purchase the car of your choice, you will go back again to thinking about the achievement and then celebrate like you initially did mentally.

So, what’s your challenge? Planning! Yes, planning.

So far so good, I have discussed why bloggers fail in blogging and I hope you really enjoyed every bit of it.

Now, over to you: what did you learn anew from this post? Is there any addition or subtraction? Any would help. Use the comment box below.


  1. Hmm nice 1 bro…yh every 1 goes to blogging due to money…but d koko is u knw the hunger for money do drive one mad, u just want to make it by all means and at d end u gain ntn d doer feels fustrated this can cause quitting.
    And bro don’t see a download link for that book

  2. Anyway! If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense, I blog for money and passion, the passion keeps growing while the money keeps slowing! Shoutout to all those who are ready to keep us glowing

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