On the First Page on Google but Getting no Organic Traffic? Here’s Why

So you’re always on the first page on Google but no organic traffic to help the claim?

Speaking from a personal experience, I know how it feels to receive organic traffic from search engines. You are somewhere playing as organic traffic keeps flowing in and earnings are piling up for you. It’s the height of enjoyment.

But what happens when after writing the best of posts, the title tag is lovely, the meta description is compelling and your shadow could tell that the body of the post was killing.

You hit the Publish button, submit the post to be indexed and you wait for days and weeks but no sign of traffic!

Worst still, you can see your post on the first page of Google. To you, you’re ranking and as you’ve learned, the first page is where things happen. Time ticks and there’s no convincing sign of ranking.

Out of frustration, backed by a loaf of confusion, you then asked…

Why am I not Getting Organic Traffic When I See my Posts on First Page of Google’s Search Engine Results Page?

Does that sound like you?

When I talk with some bloggers in this category, it could be so devastating that they are quick on pointing accusing fingers of partiality on Google.

You hear them say, “Ehm… Why is my post always appearing on the first page of the SERPs for my target keyword and I am not ranking?

And, as usual, I would have to laugh the moment I found out their errors.

Quickly, let me show you why you might be on the first page for your targeted keyword and yet not be ranking, let alone receiving organic traffic to your blog.

  • 1. You are Searching Your Own Title

It’s not uncommon to see bloggers go on google to search their own title, see the post on SERPs first page and then boast of a well-done search engine optimization job. It’s not funny!

Do You Ask Why?

If you write a title like “5000 Ways to Make More Money from Your Blog Instantly“, hit the publish button and then pick the same title to be searched on google… Don’t be surprised when you see your post as one of the top 3 results.

You’re seeing it that way because your title is unique to you and no one else has written the same.

Even if you’ve optimized the post for “ways to make more money online” and you’re seeing your post on the first page through your search, it’s no guarantee that you’re ranking on the first page for the keyword.

To relieve yourself of the heartache you receive from such practices, stop searching your title – search the keyword you’ve targetted, instead.

  • 2. You’ve Already Logged in as a User on Google

When you’re logged in as a user on google and you search anything on google, your own website is likely to appear on the first page.

Here is Why it’s Like That

Google makes sure it shows you results that are relevant to you. and when you visit a site more often (provided that you’re logged in as a user on each occasion), google will bring up the site more often in search results pages, even if such site doesn’t deserve the spot on which it’s ranking.

What’s the Way Out?

Make sure you are logged out of Google whenever you’re conducting any  “Search Engine Oriented Search”.

  • 3. You’re Seeing a Google Plus Result

Sometime ago, someone approached me on WhatsApp with a baffling but funny experience of his on ranking.

He had just published a post after learning search engine optimization from me. He quickly went to Google to search for the keyword he targetted and was amazed to see his post on the first page, almost immediately.

The Video below is a recording of the chat.

Can’t Watch the Video? Read the Conversation.

Enquirer: The article I just posted is ranking number three on the first page… I hope it stays there forever or moves to number one self…?????

Enquirer: Thank you very much… I know it’s a step and it shows I am so interested in your tutoring…

See why I said I don’t rush my learning…

Enquirer: This is the link to the article, maybe you could view it…


He Was Happy to See His Post Ranking

Me: How did you know it’s on no 3?

Me: Wait, you wrote that article yourself?

Enquirer: Yes

Enquirer: I wrote it nah

Enquirer: Anything?

Enquirer: The title is ”how to eat healthy pregnancy diets”…

So I typed pregnancy diets, mine came out on the first page… I typed what to eat during pregnancy, it came out as again

Me: Hahah

Me: Send me a screenshot of it from here

Me: I’m not seeing you on first page here o.

He Claimed to Have Results

Enquirer: Even types pregnancy and diets, it came up on the first page

Enquirer: But how is d article?

Me: Show me the top Screen

Enquirer: Ok

Me: Let the Searched results show from top

Me: That’s Google Plus

Me: Doesn’t mean you’re ranking on the first page.

Me: And before you can get to the first page for that keyword, you’ll spend months, if not years.

Me: Those on the first page are authority sites.

Enquirer: Ok.

He Asked if Google Plus is Different from the Normal Google

Enquirer: Google plus, different from normal Google ranking again?

Me: Yes na.

Enquirer: So right now, its not ranking self.

Me: At all.

Enquirer: ???????.

Enquirer: How can I make it rank.

Enquirer: It’s a well written post.

Me: Your friends on Google plus can see that and give you little traffic.

That’s if any of your Google Plus friends are interested in pregnancy stuff.

Enquirer: Hahahaaa.

Enquirer: How many Nigerians read such stuff self?

Me: Good.

He Desired a First Hand Knowledge on Ranking

Enquirer: Well, hope you will also write on ranking as a topic on your csblogger.

Me: Yes.

Me: Those sites are authority sites!

Enquirer: Yes, but I still need the detailed explanation which I could always run to.

Enquirer: Yes, you said that.

Me: ?

Enquirer: That have been confirmed by google.

Me: Don’t worry. Step by step.

Enquirer: Alright then.

Last Note from Me

From the explanations above, it’s important you know that ranking on the first page is real when you’re not doing it wrongly.

To be factual, it’s so scintillating to be on the first page and watch as organic traffic flows in. If you’ve never been there, you don’t know what you’re missing!

And if you’ve started the SEO journey but have no results yet, it’s not enough to call it quit!

Be resolute, and you’ll make it too.

Over to You

What other factors do you think is responsible for appearing on the first page but receiving no organic traffic? Kindly share yours and let everyone learn. Thanks.


  1. Wow… great tips. Totally short of words. Had to follow your tips and signed out of it and lo and behold, it wasn’t on first page..

    My question now is, can a post that do not appear on first page, ever rank?

    1. You might be on the tenth page and still rank.

      As long as your web page is indexed, you will rank; only that you might not be on the desired spot on the SERPs.

      That you’re ranking doesn’t mean you’ll actually get any organic traffic.

      And that you’re not getting some organic traffic doesn’t you’re not Ranking.

      You can be on the second page and still get some decent organic traffic to your blog.

      But in most cases, the first page makes the difference – that’s where things happen.

  2. Honestly getting in Google’s first page isn’t magic.

    Like you always say, its all about hard work and patience.

    Ranking for a keyword locally is faster than Ranking for a keyword globally.

    All thanks to your post for throwing light on this misconception of being on first page and not getting traffic.

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