Why Should I Blog?

You are honorably welcome to the “BETTER ME BLOGGING CHALLENGE.” And I believe it will be worth it.

Now roll up your sleeves and let’s roll.

Growing up as a young man, I learnt that “when the purpose of a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable.” This saying has been one of the pivotal measures I put in place for any achievement, no matter how big or small.

Yes, I have learnt in the bid to become a better me in blogging, made unreasonable mistakes of which some cost me a bit of fortune and yet I wouldn’t stop learning. We must all do the same to attain the the height of relevancy we desire.

Let us go back to the quote…. “When the purpose of a thing is not known, it’s abuse is inevitable.”

The above quote is saying that, “when you don’t know why you should do anything in life, you don’t make the best use of it, and you eventually mess it all up.

Now to blogging: Why should you blog?

This might be one of those trivial questions to you, but you are on the verge of losing out if you never sat down to ask yourself that question. In fact, it’s is holds a reasonable percentage of your success in blogging.

Again, Why should you blog?

Let us agree that you know what blogging is, whether you are a learner or a professional. But, must you blog?

Why not go into any other lucrative online businesses? Why not just stay at home doing one of the countless offline businesses to earn a living?

Hey! I am not threatening you. That is a question I will answer too.

I remember when I started writing for my boss. I didn’t just know it was something one could really go into and make a living until he told me how much he was making per month. To be factual, my head did spark! I almost went gaga!

He prompted me to start my first website. It was much of fun when I started but started becoming more of a daydream when it got to a point, though I never saw myself quitting (We will discuss this later).

If there was something that kept me going, it was because I knew I could write better… And when you can really write, you can blog better, all other things being equal.

Before you go today, make sure you use the comment box below to state clearly why you should blog. Doing that is like giving an allegiance to the “blog man” in you.


Let me give you a hint about that: Linda Ikeji is one of the clamoured top bloggers in Nigeria today. She started as every other average bloggers out there and today she is making it big, I presume.

If she would want to write about the person she is today in the past few years, she would talk about how people now call her names and the news of her celebration is everywhere.

Let me give you a detailed guide about this. I am Olalekan, and I want to write about “my future self” as a blogger. Here is what I will do: I will actually write a letter this way…

Dear Olalekan Adebumiti,

I can’t tell how happy I am to be here today. Words would fail me to express your unquantifiable help in bringing me to this height.

I remember back then when I was nobody. My writing did suck and I was nowhere to be found in the blogosphere. Neither did I have all it would take to give myself a facelift. I was just there. And nothing was obviously coming out of my daily struggles.

But, meeting you was the miracle I needed. Meeting you was the very beginning of this “master… master” that people call me today.

I must confess, you have been my saviour. You indeed have been my solace when things went out of kilter. You gave me enough hope to hold on to. They used to call me a newbie, and I am now a pro. I was once nobody in the midst of bloggers and I am someone people now look up to.

Sir, words would fail me to tell how awesome you have been to me. I could even die trying to appreciate you. I just have to sheepishly say thank you so much, and I won’t get tired saying that.

Live on Sir Olalekan Adebumiti. Thanks once again.

Your friend and mentee,
Olalekan Adebumiti.

Did you notice that I wrote the letter to myself? That is the same thing you are to do. See yourself as both the writer and the receiver of the letter. Tell yourself what you have been through as a blogger and how it had payed off.

This should be submitted on whatsapp, +2348032503305.

Thanks for today. See you tomorrow.

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Warning! Don’t quit blogging, it pays!


  1. The very first time I developed interest in blogging is when I saw a mate of mine writing stuff and post it online and direct people to read it, what made me to become mostly interested is how people used to say, Hey, Kunle owns that blog, then I wanted to start and search for wider knowledge about it and I saw how much a real blogger can make, I got more interested because of the money!!!! 🙂

  2. Nice 1 bro, really at first creating a website drives me crazy, I want to publish news cos I want to be a journalist, so I went through free website creation I don’t even know that i will have to pay later, so by the time I discover, I just have to leave that for anoda lolz. Until a particular day I got a e-mail…this mail talked about blogs as an easier form of website and list some free hosted blogs so I clicked on blogger.com thats where bolajiblog.com starts from o…I dnt even knw i could earn on it until few years after. Funny

  3. Hello sir
    What a great write up, sir I want to become a blogger because I want to be a source of inspiration and motivation to people.
    I started my first blog in the year 2010 and within the first six months, I lacked the motivation to continue after which I called it quit. I deleted my blog. In year 2013, I came into blogging again and I made my first €100 online. I quit again because my writing did suck. lol. I know if I must blog I have to improve on my writing skills; that’s what led me to you.
    Ever since I met you, I have learnt a lot of things which I never knew back then.

  4. II must blog sha. My blogging world didn’t start today. It start back in 2007. I have always wanted to own a website. I tried wapka, blogs.com, xtgem, mywapblog etc. And now I’m using blogger and wordpress.. Why will I quit now?? I have to blog. I have the calling.

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