Solved: My XML Sitemaps not Showing on Yoast SEO Plugin

Are you having trouble setting up your Yoast SEO Plugin to be used for your Sitemaps? Folow the guide below and you will make it work immediately.

My XML Sitemaps not Showing

So you heard Yoast SEO plugin is bae and you want to use it on a magical level for you site.

You searched the WordPress plugins repository and there’s the Yoast you’re looking for.

With a click of a button, you were able to instal and activate it…

You checked the dashboard and then came the nightmare¬†you didn’t pay for – your sitemap wasn’t showing.

You’ve searched onine and still ot getting the result you desired

Is that the dilemma¬†you’re in? Well, here is how to get past your challenge…

How to Make Your Sitemaps Show on Yoast SEO Plugin


Follow these Steps if you’re unable to watch the Video above…


  1. Go to Your Dashboard

  2. Scroll down to the SEO Tab

  3. Click on Features

  4. Enable “The advanced settings…”

  5. Scroll Down and Click Save.

    Your Sitemaps should show after that.

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